Student Printing Instructions

Students can send print jobs from their personal laptops to pay-for-print printers at Rollins by installing the Pharos Uni-Print software found on this page. This system allows privacy over print jobs (only you can see the jobs you are printing), the convenience of printing at any student printer without having to specify the location, and the ease of using an EmoryCard. 

A valid EmoryCard loaded with Eagle Dollars is required to release print jobs from these print stations.

Print Charges 

  • Black & white printing is $.07 cents/page for single-sided and $.05 cents/page for double-sided
  • Color printing is $.30 cents/page for single-sided and $.20 cents/page for double-sided

Printer Locations and Drivers

Attention: Updated Sept 5, 2013. Please note that you need to uninstall EaglePrint if your computer already has a current instance of EaglePrint installed.

Rollins Black and White Printers 

Download this driver here: PC - Mac

  • Beside lower level stairs in GCR 
  • Outside of L45 in GCR 
  • Outside of P39 in GCR 
  • Outside of 109 in GCR 
  • Outside of 1054 in CNR (Printer/Copier/Scanner) 
  • Outside of L18 in GCR (Color Printer/Scanner/Fax) 

Rollins B&W Copier (Printer/Copier/Scanner)

Download this driver here: PC - Mac

  • Outside of Room 1054 in CNR

Rollins Color Printer (Color Printer/Scanner)

Download this driver here: PC - Mac

  • Outside of L18 in GCR

Installation Instructions


  1. Download the driver to your computer.
  2. Double-click the downloaded driver file.
  3. Choose Install
  4. Click finish
  5. You should now be set up to print.


Attention: Updated Sept 5, 2013. Please note that you need to uninstall Pharos if your computer already has a current version of Pharos installed. Just go under /Library/Application Support/Pharos/Utilities/Uninstaller to remove.

Click here to download the auto-installer for Mac OS.

1. Download and double-click the installer.

2. Double-click Popup 8.1 and then double-click Popup.pkg.

3. Click Continue on the next two installer windows, then click Install.

4. If prompted, enter the username and password for your computer and click Install Software to continue.

5. Once the installation finishes, click Close.

6. To set duplex (double-sided) options, go to System Preferences and select Print & Scan.

7. Click the Options & Supplies button and click the Driver tab.

8. Check the box next to Duplex Unit. Do this for each printer you want installed.

Mac users, click here ->>


If you need any assistance, please contact the IS Help Desk by calling (404) 712-9945 or sending an email to

Rollins/NetID Account Synchronization

Beginning Monday, August 14, Information Services will begin synchronizing our Rollins School of Public Health Windows/domain accounts with Emory University.

Existing accounts already use your Emory NetID as your Rollins username for Windows domain accounts and email. After synchronization occurs, your password will be the same for Rollins and all Emory services that use NetID for authentication (Eagle mail, SPH email, OPUS, Blackboard, and other resources).

If you want to synchronize your password, you will first need to select to change or maintain your current NetID password. This will force the change to our Rollins servers. The sync will be effective within 30-45 minutes of your password selection.

To change or maintain your NetID password, visit and follow the prompts. If you opt to maintain your password, please note that your Windows password will change if you have not previously synchronized your passwords manually. If you don't currently use the same password for Windows and email, you will after making this selection.

Please take care when creating your NetID password and change it immediately if you feel it is not strong or that it may have been compromised in any way. Things to consider when selecting your new passwords:

  • Dictionary words (of any language) do not make good, strong, secure passwords.

  • Passwords should be memorized and not written down or stored on-line. If you must write down a password it must be stored in a secure location allowing only authorized access, such as a locked filing cabinet or safe.

  • Never use a university password when joining internet sites, such as eBay, Yahoo, Hotmail, Amazon, etc.

  • All accounts used for business or financial transactions should use a unique password.

Using Wireless in the RSPH

Account (Network ID) Policy
Login ID changes for users are no longer conducted during the course of the academic semester. Any login ID changes will need to wait until the end of the academic semester to be processed. We can accept the requests during the semester but the ID WILL NOT BE CHANGED until the end of the academic semester.

Changing Network Passwords Emory UTS
(Required for all new Rollins email accounts.)

Remote Connectivity