Rollins Latinx Alianza (RLA)

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Rollins Latinx Alianza (RLA) is a student-led organization that fosters a space for solidarity, mobilization and the educational advancement of Latinx students, undocumented students, and allies at Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH).

Mission: To Recruit, Retain, and Reinforce the presence of the Latinx community at Rollins.

Vision: Rollins Latinx Alianza (RLA) envisions RSPH to be a space that cultivates the intersectional identities of Latinx students through the institutionalization of practices which seek and recruit Latinx prospective students, bring Latinx faculty and staff into the classroom, establish scholarship opportunities, and forge long lasting relationships with local organizations for the advancement of our community.

*Latinx stems from the traditional spelling of Latino/a but is instead spelled with an "x" to denote the inclusivity of all gender identities and expression that exist within the community and culture.