Important Academic Dates - Summer 2019

February 8    Summer Pre-registration Begins
May 20

Summer Classes Begin – Regular and 1st Session

May 24

Schedule Change Deadline

May 27

Memorial Day Holiday

No Classes
May 29

Grading Basis Change Deadline

June 5  

On-line Degree Applications Open

July 4  

Independence Day Holiday

No Classes
July 15

OPUS degree application deadline

July 26

Deadline to submit graduation clearances by COB

July 31

Deadline to Submit ETD

August 7

Deadline to submit 5186 paper DAPP with late fee (DAPP must be submitted to Enrollment Services with attached late fee receipt)

August 7

Summer Classes End/Last day to Withdraw from PUBH Summer 2019 Classes

August 8-9

Final Exam Period

August 8

Graduating students grade due by 5:00 p.m.


August 9

End of Term/Graduation Date

August 13

Faculty Grade Entry Deadline 5:00 p.m. for non-graduating students (PUBH deadline different from University’s deadline)



Important Academic Dates - Fall 2019

August 20Non-Public Health student permitted to register for Public Health Classes
August 28

Classes Begin

August 28 - Sept 4

Schedule Change Period

For classes that do not meet for the first time until Monday, Sept. 9th, students may either enroll or drop those classes by an email to their ADAPs before 11:59 pm, Sept. 9th.  If notification is not received by that time, students may withdraw from the class.

September 11

Deadline to Change Grading Basis

Grading basis must be submitted to student's ADAP

Deadline to Change Grading Basis may differ for classes taken at other schools; Contact schools for deadline


September 13

Deadline to submit Degree Applications for Fall Graduation

Students must apply for Graduation in OPUS by the deadline.


October 14 - 15

Fall Break


October 28

Spring Pre-registration Begins

2nd Year Students begin at 9:00 a.m.
November 4

Spring Pre-registration Begins

1st Year Students begin at 9:00 a.m.
November 20

Spring Pre-registration Ends

November 20

Online grade entry opens

December 6

Deadline to submit Electronic Theses for Fall 2019 Graduates

*Departments may require earlier deadline; Contact your ADAP*

December 10

Last day to Withdraw from Full-Semester Fall 2019 Classes

Last day to submit Paper Degree Application for Fall 2019 Graduates

Completed degree clearances and ETD forms due to Enrollment Services

December 10

Classes End

December 11 - 18

Exam Period

December 20

Graduating students’ grade due at noon

December 21 End of Term
December 27 Non-graduating students grade due by 5pm FIRM DEADLINE