Hiring a Student

The REAL program gives students the opportunity to explore public health professions, make their educational experience more meaningful, and prepare them for a successful career while partnering with local, national, and global public health institutions.

Employer Hiring Steps

Note: If you are an internal Emory University, Emory affiliate, or Emory Healthcare employer, you do not need to complete the new employer approval process.

If your organization’s name is not on the Approved external employers list, then you will need to submit the following in order to be considered:

  1. Provide a description of your organization’s mission and target clients, and a detailed description of the potential opportunity to be offered to an RSPH student. You may use this job description template.
  2. Non-profit organizations, must provide a copy of their 501(c)3 documents that substantiate their organization’s non-profit status. 
  3. For-profit organizations, must provide their Federal Tax ID number.
  4. Email the above to the REAL Program Manager at real@emory.edu.

Organizations will be notified of the approval decision within two weeks of submitting their application.

If your organization is approved, you will receive notification of your approval via email with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). You will need to sign, scan, and email the MOU indicating that the organization/supervisor understands its responsibility in the REAL program and agrees to the conditions outlined in the document.

  • All jobs should be posted to the Rollins Opportunity Link. See instructions in chapter 2 of the REAL Employer Guidebook.
  • After creating the position, please record the Job Posting Number—you’ll need include it on your hire form later.
  • If you already know which REAL student you want to hire, you still need to post the job description to Handshake, and include “Position Filled” in the position title.
  • The REAL Program staff will approve the posting and send an automated email notifying you of its approval.
  • Once your position is posted, applications will be automatically sent to your email.

REAL Job Description Template

  • Review applications, conduct interviews, select, and extend offer(s) to REAL students.
  • Once a student accepts your offer, please email the appropriate completed hire forms (see below) to real@emory.edu.

  • Students are hired as Emory University employees
  • Students work an average of 10 to 12 hours/week (maximum of 20)
  • Students can be hired for fall and/or spring semesters only
  • Students can work up to 208.33 hours/semester
  • Students have the option of working remotely/virtually with supervisor/employer permission.
  • Students are paid at $12/hour. Half of the student’s hourly rate is paid by the REAL Program ($6) and the other half ($6) is paid by the partnering organization or department.

If the partner employer is external to Emory, then the employer will be invoiced for 50% of the student's gross pay at the end of each semester, which will not exceed $1,250 per semester for the $2,500 award assignment.

If the partner employer is internal to Emory, then every two weeks, 50% of the student’s hourly rate will be charged to the Smartkey you provide.

Hire Forms for External Employers (non-CDC)

Register with Rollins School of Public Health Student Hire (RSPH Student Hire).

Once you are registered, the necessary electronic External Hire and Health and Safety Questionnaire forms are accessed via RSPH Student Hire. You will receive more information on your next steps once your registration is validated. Complete this process to hire your REAL employees.
For assistance with completing the hire process, please contact the REAL Program Manager at real@emory.edu.

Hire Workflow for Internal Employers (Emory University, Emory Healthcare, Emory affiliates)

The two videos accessed via the links below provide instructions to initiate, and start the hire process for the student:

Watch this Initiator Video for instructions if you are initiating a Student Hire: Initiator video

Watch this Workflow Video for instructions on Approving a Student Hire to be routed to RSPH HR:
Workflow video

Access the actual Student Hire Application Form here: https://apps.sph.emory.edu/RSPHStudentHire

Hiring Process for the CDC

The REAL program works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Human Resources Office. For step-by-step hiring instructions, please click here

Student Work Plan Document


For questions regarding REAL, program organization and logistics, posting a position, and invoicing, please contact REAL Program Manager, Lisa Parker at real@emory.edu.

For questions relating to Human Resources and the KRONOS timekeeping system, please contact rsphhrhelp@emory.edu. Tax, W-2, and direct deposit questions can be directed to Emory Payroll: 404-727-6100.