Where to Find a Practicum

The idea for a practicum experience can come from many places. Some students already have an organization or specific field in mind that guides their practicum search.

Students may also find practicum ideas by reviewing our map highlighting past Rollins practica around the globe (see the map below). These practica have taken place in not‐for‐profit organizations, hospitals, state or local health departments, federal agencies, community based organizations, and for‐profit firms.

Students can find practicum opportunities by contacting the organization directly, by networking with other students and alumni, by talking with department ADAPs or faculty advisors, or by talking with a Career Development coach. Other sources of practica may include:

Many practicum opportunities will be paid positions—such as those secured through the Rollins Earn and Learn program. Students who have located a global field experience opportunity typically pay for their experiences through funding from organizations, scholarships, personal savings, or grants such as the Global Field Experience Awards.

Some practicum opportunities may not offer pay. However, these experiences still offer immeasurable opportunities to build practical skills, gain professional skills, make a tangible difference, and open the doors for future opportunities.