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You will need to connect with your Assistant/Associate Directors of Academic Programs (ADAPs) or Practicum Faculty Advisors (PFAs) listed in the chart below to develop your objectives and to make sure you are following all department-specific requirements.

To request an appointment with a career coach to discuss possible practicum opportunities, you may log in to ROL Handshake.


To post practicum opportunities, please create a Handshake account. 

If you would like to offer practicum opportunities to students from a specific department, please feel free to reach out to department Assistant/Associate Directors of Academic Programs (ADAPs) or Practicum Faculty Advisors (PFAs) in the chart below. 



Primary PFA

Behavioral Science and Health Education

Meghan Sullivan (404-727-7877) or

Zarie Riley (404-727-3898)

Colin Talley


Melissa Sherrer (404-727-3968)

Lisa Elon

Executive MPH (Distance Learning Program)

Zelda Ray

Laura Lloyd

Environmental Health

Ariadne Swichtenberg (404-727-7905)

Stefanie Sarnat


Jena Black (404-727-8729)

Anne Spaulding

Global Health

Flavia Traven (404-712-8110) or

Theresa Nash (404-727-5724)

There are multiple options for PFAs in GH. Students should contact their ADAP for more information.

Health Policy and Management

Kathy Wollenzien (404-727-5701)

Greg Anderson

Katherine Wright Bombardier

Nijar Imanguli

Brooke Kamke