GFE Talks 2015

GFE Talks is an opportunity for GFE-funded students to discuss what made their practicum different, what they did, and what it meant in an innovative Ted Talk-like competition approach. We ask students to think about the story they want to tell and how they want to share their GFE Experience with the wider Rollins community.


2015 GFE Talks Final Round Contestants with the GFE Talks Manager

Students will first answer those questions in a five-minute presentation voted on by their GFE peers and by a committee. Then, students give a public presentation of their talk (three minutes without the aid of PowerPoint) in front of a crowd.

We ask that all students follow the 10 rules for GFETalks below: 

GFE Talks 10 Commandments

(Adapted from the TedTalks 10 Commandments

1. Do Not Simply Present The Same Old Thing Again and Again

2. Share Something Unique And Different... A Dream, A Wish, A Moment... A Revelation. Do Not Keep It To Yourself!

3. Show Curiosity, Passion, and Compassion

4. Tell A Story and Tell It With Integrity

5. Create Controversy ONLY IF Learning, Innovation, AND People Are At The Heart Of Your Idea.

6. Do Not Flaunt Your Ego. Be Vulnerable. Speak of Failures and Successes.

7. Never Ever Sell A Product From The GFETalks Stage

8. Remember, Laughter Is The Best Medicine And Makes For The Best Presentations

9. No Reading Your GFETalks Presentation (Memorize It!)

10. When You Run Late, You Steal Time From Others... Don't Do It!

GFE Talks 2015 Schedule

First Round

September 17th Klamon Room (CNR) noon

Second Round

October 1st Klamon Room (CNR) noon

The Finals

November 6th, CNR 1000 noon

Email The GFETalks Manager,