Applying for a GFE

GFE funds are awarded to students on a competitive basis to help them pay for their GFE. Grants generally range from $800 - $2,200. The GFE funds I received covered more than half the cost of my plane ticket to Ghana. Even though this helped with my expenses, I paid for everything else using my personal savings. It is a good idea to look into alternative sources of funding through churches or local community groups. Consider organizing a fundraising activity for yourself and a group of friends. A little work goes a long way!

Quote from 2017 GFE recipient

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Accepted after minor revisions

GFE Costs

Rollins’ GFE program gives MPH and MSPH students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in low-resource or high-disparity settings around the world. Students typically pay for the experience with:

  • Funding from U.S., international, and in-country host organizations
  • Grants (including the Global Field Experience Awards listed below)
  • Scholarships
  • Personal savings

Predicted Practicum Costs

Below is a budget report based on data collected from GFE students in 2015**. This information is intended for planning purposes only.

** Summer 2015 Average costs for students participating in Non-Us-Based Field experience

Item Cost (Average)

International Flight








Incidentals Personal Fun/Travel


Internet & Phone


In-Country Transportation


Visa & Immunizations


Work Related Expenses






GFE Application Process 

There are two steps to submitting a proposal. Both steps must be completed before the deadline

Step 1: Email complete proposal to by 5:00pm on Friday February 23, 2018

Save your proposal accordingly: LASTNAME_DEPT_ COUNTRY NOTE: No other file names will be accepted. 

You will need to submit all proposal components as one document

Step 2:Complete Google form

Important Dates For 2018

Task Date

Complete Proposals Due

February 23rd, 2018

GFE committee letters to Applicants

March 23rd, 2018

Revisions due if required

March 30th, 2018

Accept Awards + paperwork submitted

April 13th , 2018 (at latest)

Pre-Departure workshop (required)

April 21st, 2018 8am to 2:00pm

GFE Award Review Process

All proposals are reviewed by the GFE Committee, comprised of Rollins faculty and staff.

Each application is read and evaluated by at least three committee members using a standard score sheet. Proposals are evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Did the applicant follow instructions?
  • Is there evidence of organizational support, communication, planning, and preparation with the host?
  • Is the project feasible?
  • Do the methods match the project objective?
  • Is the final deliverable well defined?
  • Is there demonstrated value added for the host organization and populations served by the project?
  • Will this be a meaningful experience for the student?
  • Is the time frame realistic to accomplish the project objectives and learning objectives?

The reviews are then heard by the entire committee and the committee makes the final decision to: 1) accept with no revisions; 2) accept with minor revisions; 3) revise and resubmit; or 4) reject.

Students are not competing against one another for funding. However, proposals accepted with no revisions will receive higher funding than those that require additional revisions or resubmission.

For additional tips from the student perspective see Bill MacWright's 2012 GFE presentation, 10 Tips in 10 Minutes or Brittany Schriver and Kat Meagley's 2013 presentation, GFE for Dummies: 10 Easy Steps for Mastering your GFE.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

One of the requirements for receiving funding through the GFE Award is to follow ethical guidelines for research and practical experience. Students must provide proof of submission of a research protocol to the Emory IRB before funds will be awarded. If a project does not require IRB review (exempt), the justification should be explained in writing by the Emory IRB or the student’s faculty field experience advisor. For further information on IRB procedures, visit Emory's IRB website.

The amount of funds available depends upon the quality of awarded proposals and the balance in the endowment funds. MSPH and MPH students from all departments are eligible to submit a proposal for a GFE Award and must be enrolled at Rollins for the semester prior to their field experience to qualify for an award. 

Students can apply to receive a GFE Award after they have completed 12 hours at Rollins. To apply, students must develop and submit a proposal describing a project that is:

  • Well-defined, rational, and feasible
  • Integral to the student’s public health training
  • Of measurable value to the host organization/community, and
  • Based in a clearly articulated, mutually beneficial partnership

All students who are awarded GFE funding share their experiences—where they went, what they did, and what they learned—at the biweekly Brownbag Series in the fall. The GFE Brownbag Series is open to the public and takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays from 12:00-12:50 p.m. in the Claudia Nance Rollins Building, Room 1000, every fall.

“Important note: all successful GFE Award applicants are required to book their airline flight through Emory Travel. This is a program requirement.”