Jacqui Hurd

Jacqui Hurd

Department: Global Health, 2014

Description of Work:
I spent eight weeks in the western Highlands of Guatemala developing a reproductive health program. I helped design a qualitative assessment to determine barriers to access of reproductive health care in two Tz’utujil communities: San Juan and San Pablo La Laguna. I worked with an interdisciplinary team that consisted of two nurses (one midwifery student and one undergraduate student), one undergraduate student studying anthropology, and myself. There were four main components to this program: focus groups with community members, in-depth interviews with doctors, nurses and clinical staff, curriculum development for Community Health Promoters on reproductive health issues, and family planning & prenatal tools. Through the use of curriculum, tools, and data received from the focus groups and in-depth interviews, we are writing a report to develop a community run reproductive health program in clinics in these areas.

Faculty Advisor: Jenny Foster, Emory School of Nursing

Partner Organization: ODIM - Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya

Recognition: Funded by Emory’s Global Health Institute (GHI)

Contact: jacqui.hurd@gmail.com