Samantha Luffy

Samantha Luffy Department: Global Health, Class of 2015

Undergraduate studies: University of Mary Washington, Biology/Chemistry

Domestic Experience:
Health Organization for Latin America, Secretary: Provided Emory students with opportunities to engage with our community partners, as well as the larger Latino community in Georgia.

Global Experience:
Campanario Biological Reserve (Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica), Intern Coordinator: Focused on ecotourism, sustainability, and rainforest ecology; assisted in the education of visiting student groups through guided hikes, evening charlas, and field experiments. “Though I was not engaging in public health work, I became privy to the major health concerns of the local Costa Ricans (or “ticos”) that lived the community, which inspired me to pursue my MPH at Rollins. By experiencing the struggles of living in a resource-poor setting with little access to health facilities and other amenities, I feel that I am more compassionate and sensitive to the various issues we explore through coursework at Rollins.”

Career Goals:
“I plan to focus my future career on the health disparities faced by Latinos, both in the US and abroad. I am interested in the connection between health and human rights, so I would like to explore this phenomenon in connection with Latino communities.”

What draws you to focus in the field of Latino health? “I am passionate about Latino health because I believe all people should have access to adequate and culturally sensitive health care – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, etc. Latinos face such severe health disparities that I would be honored to dedicate my career to breaking down those barriers.”

Fun fact:
“My dad was in the Navy, so I lived in many different states in the US growing up! I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and loved swimming in the ocean almost every Sunday afternoon with my family.”