Samantha Lie-Tjauw

Samantha Lie-Tjauw Department: Global Health, 2014

Undergraduate studies: University of Georgia, Biology/Spanish

Domestic Experience:
Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia, Health Strategies Program Assistant: Contacted key stakeholders working in Hispanic health in Georgia to form advisory groups around community-driven health issues. Supported identification of group priorities such as 1) increasing the Hispanic health workforce and educate physicians on cultural competency through professional pathway development and 2) engaging in advocacy through educating Hispanics on legal and health rights. Guided the formation of 3-year action plans for every priority in order to focus the efforts of HHCGA and its members into actionable steps to achieving each priority. Assisted in the organization of the first Latino 5K to raise awareness and gather community support of pedestrian safety issues on Buford Highway.

Health Organization for Latin America, Co-President: Jointly led the executive board and organization members to increase awareness and research of Latino health issues and further community engagement within Rollins and with the Georgia Hispanic community through academic and organizational partnerships. Secured a 200% increase in funding for the Georgia Latino Award, facilitating opportunities for her Rollins colleagues to engage in summer projects with Hispanic-serving community organizations in Georgia.

Global Experience: Center for Global Safe Water and General Electric Foundation (Honduras), Graduate Research Assistant, Research Consultant, and Global Field Experience Recipient: Conducted mixed methods study in hospitals in Honduras surrounding a sustainability evaluation of the donation of GE water filtration systems to hospitals.

Wuqu’ Kawoq (Guatemala), Clinical Volunteer: Observed and assisted physicians and nurses with the treating of patients at Wuqu’ Kawoq medical clinics throughout the highlands and coastal regions of Guatemala.

Medical Spanish Study Abroad (Spain), Undergraduate Student: Completed a medical Spanish summer course at the local university in Valencia, Spain.

University of Georgia Wesley Foundation (Costa Rica), Mission Trip Volunteer: Collaboratively built a church with local construction workers and provided recreational and educational day camps for the local children.

Career Goals: To integrate business principles into public health program management and strategic planning for program implementation; thereby increasing the disciplinary diversity of the field of public health. To achieve this goal, she plans to pursue an MBA, in addition to her MPH, focusing on organizational management and social entrepreneurship, and ultimately lead health programs with a focus on underrepresented populations both domestically and internationally, specifically focusing on Latino communities.

What draws you to focus in the field of Latino health?: “My diverse travel and service experience in Central and South America have given me meaningful and powerful learning experiences in the field of medicine and public health, encouraging and solidifying my desire to pursue a public health career. Additionally, as a native Georgian, I have been witness to Georgia’s growing Latino population and the health disparities often experienced by the Latino community. Through my professional activities and passion for engaging in service to others, I have committed myself to actively pursuing activities that improve the health of Latino populations both domestically and internationally.”

Fun fact: “As a dancer from an early age, I have explored all styles and now have carved a specialty in performing and teaching hip hop and breakdance.”