Rachel Blumenfeld

Rachel Blumenfeld Department: Global Health, 2014

Undergraduate Studies: Penn State University, Health Policy and Administration, Spanish, International Studies

Domestic Experience:
The Leon Research Group, Graduate Research Assistant in Neglected Parasitic Infections Team: Created and evaluated continuing education module regarding neglected parasitic infections for CDC accreditation and distribution to medical providers serving the Latino community; fostered community relationships and partnerships with various organizations to distribute more than 100 health resource guides for Latinos; assisted team leaders to develop GHI summer team.

Health Organization for Latin America, Co-President (1 year): Served as Co-President during 2012-2013 school year. Created and maintained community and faculty partnerships to promote Latino health domestically and globally; planned campus-wide events supporting Latino health and fundraising for community partners.

Global Experience:
DuocUC Universidad Católica Sede Antonio Varas (Santiago, Chile), English as a Second Language Professor: Educated 12 university-level classes of basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of English; organized and implemented lesson plans in grammar, vocabulary, and conversational practice for approximately 160 native Spanish-speakers; counseled and set goals with students to achieve learning objectives and comprehension of the English language.

Global Health Institute (Bañado Sur, Asunción, Paraguay), Qualitative Researcher: Developed agenda with research team to ethically collect data for project titled, “Faith-Based Organizations as Promoters of Prevention Interventions: A Feasibility Study of Parent-to-Child Programs on Sexual/Reproductive Health, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, and Violence”; generated interview tools and conducted interviews and focus groups in English and Spanish; presented preliminary findings to host organizations and community members in Spanish.

Universidad de Sevilla (Seville, Spain): Participated in semester-long study abroad program. Public Health Brigades (Honduras), Volunteer: Volunteered with Global Health Brigades’ program Public Health Brigades in rural Honduras; built hygiene stations (latrine, water storage unit, shower), concrete floors, and cook stoves using raw materials for households in marginalized communities; educated community members on pertinent health issues such as fleas, hand-washing, and the importance of clean water.

Career Goals:
“My future career goals include putting into practice my knowledge of sexual and reproductive health, specifically family planning and prevention of risky sexual behaviors, as it intersects with young women and Latino populations. I would love to provide sexual health education for underserved populations and communities as well as have the opportunity to work with Latinos domestically and globally.”

What draws you to focus in the field of Latino health?:
“As cliché as it may seem, I was drawn to Spanish language and had the desire to learn about Hispanic/Latino cultures from the first Spanish class I took in 8th grade. It came so naturally to me, and I was fascinated with the idea of learning a new language. Studying Spanish has led me to exploring the world, meeting new friends who have become family, and creating a diverse understanding of life outside the bubble that is the United States.”

Fun Fact:
“I’m a daredevil and love to try new activities. I love skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and am always looking for something new and crazy to try! I’ve also traveled to more countries than states and consider myself very lucky for having had so many opportunities to live and travel abroad!”

Contact: rlb5069@gmail.com