Julia Still

Julia Still Department: BSHE, 2014

Undergraduate studies: UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A. in Latin-American Studies & Hispanic Linguistics

Domestic Experience:
Leon Research Group at RSPH, Team Leader: “Since January of 2013, I have been the leader of the Latino Health Group within the Leon Research Group at RSPH. I am currently leading and managing the Diversity Resources Project in creating a website to unify RSPH faculty, students, and community partners for the health of diverse populations through collaboration and community engagement, and promote a commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Health Organization for Latin America, Outreach Chair: “I was the 2013 Outreach Chair for HOLA. As Outreach Chair, I served as the liaison between RSPH, Emory and Latino serving community partners to work towards the advancement and well-being of domestic and international Latino populations. I also facilitated community events, student and community involvement opportunities, and oversaw networking with community partners.”

AID Atlanta, Latino and Hispanic HIV Education and Outreach Volunteer: “Beginning in November 2012, I have volunteered with AID Atlanta doing HIV/AIDS outreach and education with the Atlanta Latino population. I do HIV/AIDS/STD education and prevention as well as facilitate HIV counseling and testing.” Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, Teacher’s Assistant: Served as instructor for English as a Second Language classes.

Global Experience:
RSPH and FASEH Medical School (Vespasiano, Minas Gerais, Brazil), GFE scholarship recipient: “During the summer of 2013, I conducted a mixed methods research study evaluating the role of community health agents in the promotion of prenatal care in Brazil. I designed and implemented the study as well as trained and managed Brazilian medical students to work as my assistants. I presented my findings and recommendations to the municipal Secretary of Health, key stakeholders, and participants, then developed an intervention that has been recently implemented.”

School for International Training (Salvador, Brazil), Independent Researcher: “During the spring of 2011, I designed, conducted, and analyzed a mixed methods research studying examining the influence of different sexual health education sources on contraceptive use and sexual behavior of low-income Afro-Brazilian adolescents ages 15 to 19. I reported findings and recommendations to stakeholders and high school administration for improved methods of sexual health education.”

Centro Canarito Pampeno (Cochabomba, Bolivia), Social Justice, Education and Health Promotion Intern: “I spent three months in 2009 working at a children’s center for social justice, health and development designing and implementing lesson plans. I also organized and administered a 3-week, 500 member soccer tournament for children living the southern Cochabamba.”

Career Goals: “I would like to work in the field of translational research to disseminate evidence-based behavioral health programs and strategies to U.S. Latino populations, primarily within the realm of sexual and reproductive health.”

What draws you to focus in the field of Latino health? “My background (personal and professional) and the overwhelming need that, in my opinion, never seems to get enough consideration or response.”

Fun fact: “I am very proud to be a Californian and my favorite hot sauce is Tapatio. If I wasn’t working in public health I would like to work on a sunflower farm.”

Contact: julia.e.still@gmail.com