Hispanic/Latino Health @ Rollins

RSPH has a long history of incredible partnerships in Latin America. RSPH now applies successful practices among the growing Hispanic/Latino population in the Southeast, especially in the state of Georgia.

* Photo Credit: Neil Palmer, CIAT

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Helena Pachón, PhD, MPH

"Working in Latin America unites two positives for me: being able to communicate more effectively because I speak Spanish – and helping to address need as the region has vulnerable populations."

- Helena Pachón, PhD, MPH

Since 2000, Emory has funded more than 200 student’s practicums in Latin America Emory University offers 18 courses relevant to Hispanic/Latino health
Each year, students and faculty conduct more than 7500 community engagement hours with community partners serving the local Hispanic/Latino community Faculty have published more than 150 publications on Hispanic/Latino health in the U.S. and Latin America
The Hispanic Organization for Latin America (HOLA) is among the largest student organizations at Rollins with more than 50 members.

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