Gina Wingood, ScD, MPH

Gina Wingood, ScD, MPH

Contact Information:
Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Road NE.
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: 404-727-0241

Title Positions:
Agnes Moore Endowed Faculty of HIV/AIDS Research
Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education (BSHE)
Director, Prevention Implementation Science Center (Ce-PIM)
Co-Director, Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
Co-Director, Prevention Science Core, Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)
Executive Director, Social Behavioral Science Research Network (SBSRN)

Department: Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Past Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

U.S.: Dr. Wingood worked on the AMIGAS study that was published in the American Journal of Public Health and focused on HIV Prevention among diverse groups including Latinas. During the AMIGAS study Dr. Wingood collaborated with a diverse group of Latina women working for the Miami Department of Public Health. The study team consisted of health educators and committee advising members from all over Latin America and focused on increasing culturally relevant material for the study. The AMIGAS study was the first evidence based HIV intervention for Latina women that demonstrated an increase in safer sex practices, such as condom use.

Current Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

Projects: Dr. Wingood is the co-director of Women's Interagency HIV Cohort Study. The Women's Interagency HIV Cohort Study is not focused specifically on Latino health, but includes Latinas living with HIV/ AIDS in North Carolina, northern Florida, and Birmingham, Alabama.

Opportunities for Students

Dr. Wingood supports and encourages students to get involved with research. She has submitted a R25 training grant in order to support postdoctorates and junior diverse faculty at Emory University. Dr. Wingood has mentored graduate theses, including projects on the AMIGAS study at the University of Miami. In addition, Dr. Wingood has hired graduate and doctoral students who speak Spanish and are knowledgeable about Latin culture for the AMIGAS and Women's Interagency HIV Study projects.

Relevant Courses:

Course Title:Course Offered:Description
BSHE 721: Applied Theory of Public Health Research and Practice Fall This course is required for all doctoral students in Behavioral Studies and Health Education department. The course is relevant to Latino health because there are lectures on acculturation theory that discuss the application of communicable disease threats report (CDTR) principles as applied to Hispanic populations.

Partner Organizations:

United States
Miami Department of Public Health in Miami, FL, USA
Hispanic Health Coalition of GA in Atlanta, GA, USA