Jeremy Sarnat, ScD

Jeremy Sarnat, ScD

Contact Information:
Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Road NE. Room 2029
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: 404-727-9725

Title Position: Associate Professor

Department: Environmental Health

Past Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

U.S.: Dr. Sarnat has conducted a binational study in El Paso on a pediatric asthma cohort.

Latin America: Dr. Sarnat has conducted a binational study in Juarez, Mexico on a pediatric asthma cohort.

Current Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

Projects: No current plans, but future plans include follow-up studies in the Paso del Norte region of the US-Mexico border.

Opportunities for Students:

In the low- and middle-income countries of the Americas, ambient and indoor air pollution is attributable for approximately 1.3 million deaths annually (WHO 2014), placing it as one of the leading mortality risk factors facing Latino populations worldwide. Dr. Sarnat is eager to mentor any students interested in pursuing research related to air pollution exposures and health in Latin America and will work with students to design and conduct air pollution exposure field projects.

Relevant Courses:

Course Title:Course Offered:Description
EH 500: Perspective in
Environmental Health
Fall In this class, Dr. Sarnat discusses a range of
environmental health topics that are of concern
to Latino populations.

Partner Organizations:

United States
Pan American Health Organization in TX, USA