Dabney Evans, PhD, MPH

Dabney Evans, PhD, MPH

Contact Information:
Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Road NE. Room 434
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: 404-727-3061

Title Position: Assistant Professor

Department: Behavioral Sciences and Health Education | Hubert Department of Global Health

Past Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

U.S.: Dr. Evans has worked continuously with Latin American populations in the United States for the past dozen years through the Atlanta Asylum Network, which provides physical and psychological evaluations of asylum seekers in the southeastern United States. In addition she has served on the editorial board of MEDICC review whose aim is to bring Cuban medical and public health policy, research, programs and outcomes to the attention of the global health community, in order to enrich dialogue, debate and practice aimed at achieving equitable access to quality health care worldwide. The only English-language journal of its kind, MEDICC Review also publishes work from international researchers, educators and professionals in the health sciences fields, giving preference to articles relevant to achieving health equity, universal coverage and quality health care in resource-constrained settings or for medically underserved populations.

Latin America:  Dr. Evans' work in Latin America takes three forms: research, teaching and service. Her main research focus is among vulnerable populations including racial and ethnic minorities, as well as refugees and internally displaced persons.  In the past she has led research related to Cholera risk factors for Haitian Migrants living in the Dominican Republic, an examination of bottled water consumption in Mexico, a rights based analysis of Cuba's response to HIV/AIDS, and an examination of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean, Dr. Evans' teaching includes mentoring through her research, field work, and capacity building in Latin America with students in Brazil, Cuba and other Latin Americans countries over the past decade. Her service and dedication to the communities she works with is demonstrated through her contribution as a board member to the non-governmental organization MEDICC, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba.  In 2014 Dr. Evans supervised a Global Field Experience based in Salvador, Brazil as well as team of Global Health Institute field scholars as they examined the rollout of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine in São Paulo, Brazil.  Dr. Evans' teaching includes mentoring through her research, field work, and capacity building in Latin America with students in Brazil, Cuba and other Latin American countries over the past decade.

Current Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

Projects: Dr. Evans has ongoing projects in Brazil related to the right to health and the rollout and implementation of the HPV vaccine in Brazil.  Additionally she has projects related to unintended pregnancy in Nicaragua, cultural and gender norms related to health and human rights in Guatemala.  Domestically her projects include the examination of health status among Brazilians living in Metro Atlanta and barriers to health care insurance enrollment for Latinos under the Affordable Care Act. 

Opportunities for Students

Dr. Evans encourages students to get involved with faculty related work and mentors several students each year. In the past, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students have all worked under the supervision of Dr. Evans. Students take on a variety of roles while assisting Dr. Evans with research including serving as case manager for the Atlanta Asylum Network, and participating in instrument and proposal development, data collection, data analysis, and writing for publication.
In the future, Dr. Evans plans to continue working with Latino populations in the US on access health care and health insurance as well as political asylum; the implementation of the HPV vaccine in Brazil, and rights based approaches to public health issues throughout Latin America.

Relevant Courses:

Course Title:Course Offered:Description
GH 500:  Critical Issues in Global Health Fall/Spring GH500 introduces students to global public health issues of two kinds: (1) fundamental cross-cutting issues such as the relationship between global health and economic development, and (2) selected thematic areas such as child survival, HIV/AIDS, and global tobacco control.
GH508:  Health and Human Rights Spring Through a uniquely public health approach, this course will examine a spectrum of issues related to health and human rights including health as a human right, measurement and justiciability of the right to health, vulnerable populations and implications for public health practice.
GH526:  Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Human Rights Fall The seminar will also examine human rights across a variety of substantive issues areas, including; conflict, development, globalization, social welfare, religion, race and ethnicity, medicine, public health, and rights of women and other vulnerable groups.

Partner Organizations:

United StatesLatin America
Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network in GA, USA Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Brazil
Brazilian consulate in Atlanta Ministry of Health in Brazil
Medical Education Cooperation in Cuba (MEDICC) Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in São Paulo, Brazil
  Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ) in Salvador, Bahia Brazil  
  Escuela LatinoAmericana deMedicina (ELAM) in Havana, Cuba