Dana Boyd Barr, Ph.D.

... Contact Information:
Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Road NE. Room 2007
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: 404-727-9605

Title Position: Research Professor

Department: Environmental Health

Past Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

U.S.: Dr. Barr has worked with two migrant farmworker cohorts: one in southern California and one in North Carolina. She has primarily investigated pesticide exposure, the use of personal protective equipment, and behaviors related to these exposures and neurological outcomes.  

Latin America: Dr. Barr has conducted pesticide exposure work with farmworker populations in Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia.

Current Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

Projects: PACE4 Study evaluating behavioral predictors of pesticide exposure in migrant farmers in North Carolina.

Opportunities for Students:

Dr. Barr mentors students' research abroad in places like Ecuador and Columbia. In the past, she has had two students go to Latin American countries to assist in sample collection in Floriculturist farmworker studies and transfer analytical methods for measurement of pesticides in biological samples. In addition, Dr. Barr supports student collaboration in Latin America through Global Field Experiences in Ecuador. Dr. Barr supervises student as they develop skills in laboratory-based applications such as measurements of pesticide exposure.

Relevant Courses:

Course Title:Course Offered:Description
EH 527: Biomarkers in Environmental Public Health Spring This course uses biomarker data generated from Latino population studies.

Partner Organizations:

Latin America
Name: Colombia Floriculturist Association in Colombia