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RochatCall for Papers - October 31, 2016

To encourage scholarship in the area of abortion, Dr. Roger and Susan Rochat of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University established the GEMMA Fund which annually supports graduate student research related to GEMMA.

GEMMA Funding Supports:

  • Emory University graduate student practicum research related to maternal mortality from abortion through GEMMA Awards
  • The dissemination of research findings related to GEMMA
  • Formal presentations of GEMMA research findings within Emory and at professional conferences
  • The publication of student thesis research related to GEMMA
  • GEMMA awareness-raising events

GEMMA Seminar:

Dr Lathrop and Dr RochatDr. Lathrop, Dr. Rochat and distinguished guest lecturers teach this course. The GEMMA seminar exclusively addresses the issues on abortion encompassing the medical, legal, ethical, human rights, and religious perspectives with exercises on values clarification and effective communication. Since its inauguration it has gained popularity and attracted students from various cultural and educational backgrounds to study abortion.

GEMMA Steering Committee:

GEMMA is comprised of two co-chairs and ten steering committee members who review funding applications and allot funding for the upcoming Global Field Experience (GFE) season as well as organize and sponsor GEMMA related events. Dr. Roger Rochat oversees the Fund and the Committee.

GEMMA Annual Reports:

Click here to read our Annual Reports