PUBH Courses

All EMPH students are required to complete professional development courses during their time at RSPH. Students will be registered for the required professional development classes by their ADAP. These classes will be added to your course registration in OPUS. Please review all of the information in this section carefully.

PUBH 500 – Introduction to Public Health – 0 credit hours (first fall semester): This self-paced, self-administered online module provides students with foundational knowledge of public health history and identifies the core functions and services of public health. Students are also introduced to major causes of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. as well as the science of prevention in population health.

PUBH 501D – Inter-Professional Team Training – 0 credit hours (First Spring semester): Prerequisite: PRS 500D. This training prepares students with basic skills necessary to perform effectively on inter-professional teams. Students will receive foundational instruction via a self-paced module and will participate in a required, remote group case study session during which they will have the opportunity to demonstrate skills in the following areas: apply principles of team dynamics to advance teamwork; communicate effectively in inter-professional teams to solve a problem; use the various roles and responsibilities represented among team member to promote solutions; and engage in inter-professional practice with mutual respect and shared values.

PUBH 502D – EMPH PH Professional Development – 0 credit hours (Applied Epidemiology only) (spring semester; registration depends on student course load): Prerequisite: PRS 500D. The ever-evolving field of public health requires a new type of public health professional and leader – one who is not only skilled in a specific discipline, but also has the ability to work effectively in different leadership contexts. This course will use a self-paced educational module to introduce public health students to concepts of emotional intelligence and different leadership styles and types, including collaborative leadership and its application to negotiation and mediation. Additionally, the course will present basic principles of budget and resource management. Students will have the opportunity to apply these concepts during a required, remote session.

Schedule an Appointment

Your first advisement appointment should take no more than 30 minutes and will consist of your ADAP providing you with more information about your track, review of courses that you will take, and answering any questions that you have. This appointment can be conducted in-person, via Zoom video conference, or telephone. Please let your ADAP know what works best for you when making an appointment.

Please check back at a later date for the Calendly link that you will use to make an appointment with your ADAP.

Incoming Student Survey

The fall 2021 Incoming Student Survey will be available soon. Please check back here at a later date.

Health Insurance & Immunizations

Student Health Insurance: Executive MPH Students are NOT required to purchase the student health insurance, which is mandatory for all other Emory students. Executive MPH students may receive a health insurance waiver. You may opt-in to the student health insurance should you have a need for it. Students will need to complete the annual insurance enrollment/waiver process each year they are enrolled at Emory. Please contact your EMPH ADAP if you receive a charge for the student health insurance, or need to opt in to the student health insurance.

Immunizations: All students who attend the Rollins School of Public Health and other schools at Emory are required to complete a Medical History form (copy of immunizations required).

All incoming Emory students are required to provide documentation of all required immunizations using the form above. This form must be signed by a healthcare provider and returned to Emory University Student Health Services prior to enrollment. The form is available via the Emory Student Health Services website.

Please review the Emory immunization requirements and complete the Immunization form available on your Patient Portal. If you have any questions regarding immunization compliance, please send an e-mail to or call 404-727-7571 to speak to one of their immunization compliance specialists.

All incoming students will be mailed a packet from the Office of Student Health Services (usually mid-June). We encourage all incoming students to visit the Emory University Student Health website for additional details.

Students that fail to comply will be blocked from registration for their second term of enrollment.


Technology Expectations: Students enrolling in the Executive MPH must supply their own computer resources and an internet connection. In order to participate in the Executive MPH program you must have access to a computer and a reliable, high-speed connection to the internet. An iPad or similar device does not provide the needed functionality for the Executive MPH program. In addition, students may periodically need to install plug-ins or specialized browsers and therefore, must have the appropriate permissions to download software to their computer. Laptop computers may be required for the on-campus sessions.

Laptop Computer Requirement: It is required that students have access to a laptop in order to properly connect to RSPH's technology resources. The Office of Information Technology requires students to have access to a laptop in order to take advantage of web-based software and wireless resources. Many of the courses taught at the Rollins School of Public Health require computer use. You will learn to use software such as EpiInfo and SAS during the course of your study. Having a laptop also enables you to be able to connect to the Internet and the RSPH network wirelessly.

Learn More About Technology Expectations Here 

OPUS Login: OPUS (Online Pathways for University Students) is the online student management system at Emory University. Admissions, Registration, Billing, Financial Aid and important reminders are managed within OPUS. The TO DO LIST will display outstanding items you need to complete. You will see requests for information such as outstanding admissions documents, financial aid documents and student health insurance waivers.

Note: This system is not coordinated with SOPHAS. Any personal contact information updated in SOPHAS, must also be updated in Emory’s OPUS system.

All students are responsible for ensuring they have the most up to date contact information in OPUS. We encourage all students to login to OPUS to review current information and make any necessary updates.

Accessing Emory University Email & Canvas: All incoming students should be able to access their Emory email and Canvas accounts no later than mid-June. It is very important for you to connect to your Emory email as it is the official communication tool for RSPH and Emory University.

Read More About Accessing Your Accounts Here

Technology Support: The Office of Information Technology is pleased to support all of the computing resources that are available to the faculty, students and staff of the Rollins School of Public Health. Their services include:

  • Operating the student computing labs
  • Maintaining secure research servers
  • Providing email services
  • All other aspects of technical support and connectivity to RSPH networks and accounts (Apporto, Canvas, etc.)

Read More About RSPH Network Technology & Email Here

Transfer Coursework

If you wish to transfer coursework, please plan to discuss this with your ADAP during your initial advisement appointment.

Per the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accreditation guidelines, the course upon which the petition is based that would impact enrollment in RSPH Core Courses or Concentration Core Courses MUST be a graduate-level course completed at a CEPH-accredited school or program. No exceptions can be granted.


Obtaining an Emory ID Card

Prior to arriving on campus, RSPH students are required to upload a photo using EmoryCard Services’ Online Photo Submission Tool. You will be required to take action as soon as possible so that your Emory Card will be available for you to pick up at RSPH during EMPH New Student Orientation. A due date for photo submissions will be announced.

Please note, if you are an Emory Faculty/Staff member, Fellow, or Resident, please scan the front and back of your Emory Card and email to your ADAP at

Honor and Conduct Code/FERPA Requirement

All incoming students are required to take and pass the honor and conduct code test.

You may access the RSPH Honor and Conduct Code Quiz & the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Form via the RSPH Incoming Student Requirements 2020 Canvas site, which will be available in June. Instructions for quiz completion will be available on the site.

If you have any questions or are unable to access the Canvas site, please email Joanne Williams ( Please note that you must accept the invitation to the course prior to viewing the material.

Sexual Assault Prevention Education for Graduate Students (SAP-G)

Emory University is actively working toward a campus in which no student fears or experiences violence by partnering with Everfi to implement Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students. Through it you will learn about preventing and responding to multiple forms of interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, harassment, relationship abuse, and stalking in the Emory community. Every incoming transfer, undergraduate, graduate, and professional student at Emory is required to complete this module.

As part of our comprehensive prevention program for students, Emory University expects you to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students (Formerly Known as Haven Plus). This online education will empower you to make well-informed decisions about issues that affect your years at Emory and beyond.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students is a relatively short program: Part 1 takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, and Part 2 (a follow up survey sent 6 weeks after Part 1 is finished) takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

It is possible that something you read during the training will evoke an emotional response, whether or not you have experienced violence or trauma yourself. For free confidential support on campus, contact the Emory University Office of Respect at 470-270-5360 or and ask to speak to the Survivor Advocate. If you are not on campus, you can still get 24/7 support via the national support hotline of the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) at 1-800-656-4673 or access their online counseling hotline at This hotline can also connect you with confidential in-person support in your area.