Professional Development Classes

All students are required to complete three professional development courses during their time at RSPH.

Students will be registered for three required Professional Development Classes. These classes will be added to your course registration in OPUS. These classes involve mostly self-administered, self-paced activities outside of the classroom with very minimal in-class requirements. Please review all of the information in this section carefully.

PUBH 500 – Introduction to Public Health – 0 credit hours
PUBH 501 – Inter-Professional Team Training – 0 credit hours
PUBH 502 – Public Health Professional Development Seminar – 0 credit hours

Public Health Professionalization Series

PUBH 500: Introduction to Public Health

This self-paced, self-administered online module provides students with foundational knowledge of public health history and identifies the core functions and services of public health. Students are also introduced to major causes of morbidity and mortality in the US as well as the science of prevention in population health.

PUBH 501: Inter-professional Team Training

This training prepares students with basic skills necessary to perform effectively on inter-professional teams. Students will receive foundational instruction and will have the opportunity to demonstrate skills in the following areas: apply principles of team dynamics to advance teamwork; communicate effectively in inter-professional teams to solve a problem; use the various roles and responsibilities represented among team member to promote solutions; and engage in inter-professional practice with mutual respect and shared values.

PUBH 502: Public Health Professional Seminar

The ever-evolving field of public health requires a new type of public health professional and leader – one who is not only skilled in a specific discipline, but also has the ability to work effectively in different leadership contexts. This course will introduce public health students to concepts of emotional intelligence and different leadership styles and types, including collaborative leadership and its application to negotiation and mediation.
Additionally, the course will present basic principles of budget and resource management.

There are no pre-requisites for these courses.

EMPH Students

EMPH students will meet these course requirements in different formats. EMPH students should consult with their assigned program ADAP about curricular updates.