Professional Development Classes

All students are required to complete three professional development courses during their time at RSPH.

This fall, students will be registered for two out of three required Professional Development Classes, PUBH 500 and PUBH 501. These classes will be added to your course registration in OPUS.  More information on the PUBH required courses is below.

PUBH 500 – Introduction to Public Health – 0 credit hours (Fall)

The Introduction to Public Health course is an online module that provides students with common foundational knowledge about key public health principles through a series of videos and readings. This 45-minute, self-paced module will be available once you register for classes and can be completed prior to Fall semester.

PUBH 501 – Inter-Professional Team Training – 0 credit hours (Fall)

The Inter-Professional Team Training course will help you perform effectively in inter-professional teams.  First, you will learn the basic principles of how to work with other professionals.  Next, you will work in small groups to solve case studies, drawn from real life circumstances.  Doing so will allow you to share with others how a public health perspective can be used to help resolve the case study. 

PUBH 502 - Public Health Professional Development – 0 credit hours (Spring)

The Public Health Professional Development seminar offers the opportunity to explore different leadership, negotiation, and communication approaches, as well as to take a look inward at your individual leadership preferences. You will learn about your characteristics as a leader, how these interact with other leadership styles, how to negotiate toward a common goal and how to make decisions when many perspectives and interests diverge. You will register in this course in Spring 2021.

Public Health Professionalization Series

EMPH Students

EMPH students will meet these course requirements in different formats. EMPH students should consult with their assigned program ADAP about curricular updates.