Rollins School of Public Health | Faculty Profile
Emory Rollins School of Public Health

Reynaldo  Martorell


Faculty, Global Health

Robert W. Woodruff Professor of International Nutrition

Contact Information

Emory University ,

Atlanta , GA 30322


Phone: 404-727-9854

Fax: 404-712-8380


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Areas of Interest

  • Evaluation
  • Global Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Nutrition


  • PhD 1973, University of Washington

Courses Taught

  • GH 552: Globl Elimination Malnutrition

Affiliations & Activities

* Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences
* Executive Mangement Team, Flour Fortification Initiative Board of Trustees,
* Helen Keller International
* Board of Directors, Nevin Scrimshaw International Nutrition Foundation
* Advisory Board, Cornell-Tata Agicultural Nutrition Initiative in India
* Editorial Board: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Salud Publica de Mexico, Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion


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