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Global Health Seminar Series Live


Ali AlShehri64x82.jpg

Ali AlShehri, MD, MSc, FRCGP, ACHE, MFPH
The Need for a Healthcare Leadership Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; HELP
08-26-2019 | Link to lecture 

Claudia E. Ordóñez

Claudia E. Ordóñez
Harnessing Medical Pluralism in South Africa: Culture-Centered HIV Interventions
04-24-2019 | Link to lecture 

R.L. Felipe Lobelo

R.L. Felipe Lobelo, MD, PhD, FAHA
Football Is Medicine: A global movement for engaging lifestyle interventions
04-17-2019 | Link to lecture 

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Global Health MPH Candidates - Seema Sandhu, Puneet Anantharam, Mahnoor Mahmood
Decolonizing Global Health: Overturning the Political, Economic, and Social Conditions of the Status Quo
04-10-2019 | Link to lecture 

Joyce C. Ho

Joyce C. Ho, MA, PhD
Assessing machine learning methods for predicting cardiovascular disease complications in people with diabetes
04-09-2019 | Link to lecture 

Brieanne Kidd Kohrt

Brieanne Kidd Kohrt, PhD
Going global to address the local: Methods for closing gaps to mental health care for the Latinx
04-03-2019 | Link to lecture 

James V. Lavery

James V. Lavery, PhD
Stakeholder engagement and the implementation of Global Health programs
03-27-2019 | Link to lecture 

Chima J. Ohuabunwo

Chima J. Ohuabunwo MD, MPH
Promoting the One Health Approach in Sub-Saharan Africa: AFENET Collaborations
03-20-2019 | Link to lecture 

Michael F. Iademarco

Michael F. Iademarco, MD, MPH
Public Health Leadership and Health Diplomacy: a Federal Perspective
03-06-2019 | Link to lecture 

Robert F. Brieman

Robert F. Breiman, MD
Early Findings from CHAMPS
02-27-2019 | Link to lecture 

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Dabney P. Evans, PhD, MPH, Lara S. Martin, MA, MPH, Eva Lathrop, MD, MPH, and Sydney Spangler, MSN, PhD
Emory University and the new 2018 Inter-Agency Field Manual (IAFM) on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings
02-20-2019 | Link to lecture 

Scott JN McNabb

Scott JN McNabb, PhD, MS
New Africa CDC Institute for Workforce Development
02-13-2019 | Link to lecture 

William Patterson

William Patterson, MS, PhD
Lessons Learned in International Development – 20+ Years in USAID
01-23-2019 | Link to lecture 

Quique Bassat

Quique Bassat MD, MSc, Phd
Malaria eradication: Where are we coming from and where are we going?
01-15-2019 | Link to lecture 


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Jeffrey P. Koplan MD, MPH, Robert Breiman, MD, Parmi Suchdev, MD MPH
What’s new and exciting at the Emory Global Health Institute
12-05-2018 | Link to lecture 

Jessica K. Fairley

Jessica K. Fairley, MD, MPH
Challenges of Leprosy Control: Impact of Poverty, Co-infections and Nutrition on Disease Burden in Endemic Regions
11-28-2018 | Link to lecture 

Cari Jo Clark, ScD, MPH

Cari Jo Clark, ScD, MPH
Preliminary findings from the Change Starts at Home Trial, a Social and Behavior Change Communication Intervention
11-14-2018 | Link to lecture 

Walter A. Orenstein, MD, DSC (Hon)

Walter A. Orenstein, MD, DSC (Hon)
Ending an infectious disease permanently: The polio eradication effort – progress and lessons learned
11-07-2018 | Link to lecture 

Rachel Waford, PhD

Rachel Waford, PhD
Walking the walk: Promoting mental health in public health settings
10-31-2018 | Link to lecture 

Christopher N. Ford, PhD MPH

Christopher N. Ford, PhD MPH
Obesity and hypophagia in the age of cardiometabolic disease: Perspectives from Populations to Persons
10-24-2018 | Link to lecture 

Emergency Response and Recovery Branch at CDC

Emergency Response and Recovery Branch at CDC
Health in Humanitarian Emergencies -- Principles and Practice for Public Health and Healthcare Practitioners
10-17-2018 | Link to lecture 

Mohannad Al Nsour, MSc, PhD

Mohannad Al Nsour, MSc, PhD
Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network - A Driving Force in Public Health
10-10-2018 | Link to lecture 

Usha Ramakrishnan, PhD

Usha Ramakrishnan, PhD
Nutrition Education during the Preconception Period
10-03-2018 | Link to lecture 

Randall M. Packard, PhD

Randall M. Packard, PhD
The Limits of Global Health: A Historical Perspective
9-26-2018 | Link to lecture 

John N. Nkengasong, MSc PhD

John N. Nkengasong, MSc PhD
Africa CDC and a New Public Health Order for Africa's Health Security
9-12-2018 | Link to lecture 

A. Cornelius Baker

A. Cornelius Baker
Moving from hard to reach to the center of our attention:Addressing the HIV epidemic among black gay men
8-29-2018 | Link to lecture 

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson, PhD
One Person, One Vote: How voter suppression is destroying our democracy
2-28-2018 | Link to lecture 


Ines Casanova

Ines Gonzalez-Casanova, PhD
Trajectories in child health, nutrition, and development
12-13-2017 | Link to lecture 

Erica A. Krisel

Erica A. Krisel, MPH
The American Cancer Society’s Response to the Emerging Cancer Burden in the Developing World
11-29-2017 | Link to lecture 

Fuminori Sakai

Fuminori Sakai, MD, PhD
Global Epidemiology of Pneumococcal Diseases: How I became a Public Health Detective
11-15-2017 | Link to lecture 

Donna Spiegelman

Donna Spiegelman, ScD
The case for the promotion of healthy workplace environments in the battle against the global cardiometabolic diseases epidemic
11-01-2017 | Link to lecture 

Matthew Freeman, PhD, MPH

Matthew Freeman, PhD, MPH
Water, sanitation and hygiene for the control of neglected tropical diseases: recent evidence and emerging approaches
10-25-2017 | Link to lecture 

LT Ryan M. Wallace DVM, MPH

LT Ryan M. Wallace DVM, MPH
Frontline Public Health: A One Health Approach to Stopping the World’s Deadliest Disease
10-18-2017 | Link to lecture 

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Helena Pachón, PhD MPH, Kristin Marks, MPH, Katya Bobrek
Will grain fortification improve public health? Answers from policy documents
10-11-2017 | Link to Lecture 

Kate Meehan, MPH

Kate Meehan, MPH
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Quality Improvement Intervention for Maternal and Newborn Health in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
10-04-2017 | Link to lecture 

James V. Lavery, PhD

James V. Lavery, PhD
Humanizing Global Health
09-27-2017 | Link to lecture 

Lynnette M. Neufeld

Lynnette M. Neufeld, PhD
Evaluation of population-based nutrition programs: challenges and opportunities
09-20-2017 | Link to lecture 

Solveig Argeseanu-Cunningham

Solveig Argeseanu-Cunningham, PhD, MA, MSc
Migration, assimilation, and health among refugee families in the U.S. and Europe
09-06-2017 | Link to lecture 

Sherry Tanumihardjo

Sherry Tanumihardjo, PhD MS
The Changing Landscape of Vitamin A Programs Globally
08-30-2017 | Link to lecture 

Scott JN McNabb

Scott JN McNabb, PhD, MS
Transforming Public Health Surveillance to Achieve the Global Health Security Agenda
08-23-2017 | Link to lecture 

A. David Napier

A. David Napier, PhD
Cultural and Social Risk Factors in Type 2 Diabetes: A Multinational Urban Study
04-19-2017 | Link to lecture

phuong hong nguyen

Phuong Hong Nguyen, PhD
Evaluating the Impact of Large-scale Behavior Change Communications Programs in Bangladesh and Vietnam: The Alive & Thrive Initiative
04-12-2017 | Link to lecture

O'Son and Cookson

Lana O'Son and Susan Cookson
The impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on tuberculosis control in Lebanon and Jordan
04-05-2017 | Link to lecture

Laurence Sperling

Laurence Sperling
Reconfiguring cardiac rehab and secondary prevention into a new service model for a new world
03-29-2017 | Link to lecture

Koop Group

Koop Group
Zika Virus Emergency Response Perspectives
03-22-2017 | Link to lecture

Lindsey Locks

Lindsey Locks, PhD
Scaling-up Micronutrient Powder Interventions: From Efficacy Trials to Implementation
03-15-2017 | Link to lecture

Melissa Young

Melissa Young, PhD, CLC
1st 1000 Days: Critical Window of Opportunity for Maternal and Child Nutrition - Research and Teaching: Current and Future
03-06-2017 | Link to lecture

Guillermo Umpierrez

Guillermo Umpierrez, MD, FACP, FACE
Diabesity (Diabetes-Obesity) in Latinos: An Emerging Epidemic
03-01-2017 | Link to lecture


Laura E. Smith, PhD
Evaluation of mycotoxin exposure in rural Zimbabwe: Implications for maternal and child health
02-22-2017 | Link to lecture


Mohammed K. Ali, MD, MSc, MBA
The Evidence for and Barriers to Promoting Healthier Lifestyles
02-15-2017 | Link to lecture

Jesse Waggoner

Jesse Waggoner, MD
Disentangling the Tropical Acute Febrile Illness
02-08-2017 | Link to lecture



Scott JN McNabb, PhD MS & Ghada. N. Farhat, PhD MPH
Field Epidemiology and Management & Leadership Training Programs in Liberia and Sierra Leone
11-30-2016 | Link to lecture

Kenneth G. Castro

Kenneth G. Castro, MD, FIDSA
Update on Global TB: Challenges and Opportunities in Achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
11-09-2016 | Link to lecture

Robert A. Bednarczyk

Robert A. Bednarczyk, PhD
Measles eliminated in the Americas – No need to worry about it anymore, Right?
11-02-2016 | Link to lecture

Rachel N. Waford

Rachel N. Waford, PhD
Early Intervention in Psychosis: Creating a Broader Mental Health Community
10-12-2016 | Link to lecture

Kristie McComb, Grace Omulogoli, Robert Makori
Tackling the Growing Cancer Burden in Kenya: The Experience of Kenyatta National Hospital
10-05-2016 | Link to lecture

Venkat Narayan

K. M. Venkat Narayan, MD MSc MBA
Challenges for the 21st Century: Convergence of Demography, Economics, Environment, and Biology
09-14-2016 | Link to lecture

Scott JN McNabb

Scott JN McNabb, PhD, MS
Transforming Public Health Surveillance
08-31-2016 | Link to lecture 

Ali Shehri

Ali M. Al Shehri, MD
Public Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Past, present and future
04-20-2016 | Link to lecture 

Stephen Bentley

Stephen Bentley
Evolution of pneumococcal genome towards evading the effects of vaccines and antibiotics
04-19-2016 | Link to lecture 

photo not available

George Roark
Logistics in Complex Emergencies-eating Coffee beans, Smoking Cigarettes and drinking Mountain Dew
04-13-2016 | Link to lecture 

Maria Meritt

Maria Merritt (Hopkins)
How Should Social Justice Count in Treating Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis?
04-06-2016 | Link to lecture 

Igho Ofotokun

Igho Ofotokun
Inflammatory Bone Disease in HIV infection: A Growing Challenge Globally
03-23-2016 | Link to lecture 

Imbrahim Bani

Ibrahim Bani
The KSA Response to MERS-CoV: The Importance of Community Awareness and Preparedness
03-16-2016 | Link to lecture 

Jim Zingeser

Jim Zingeser
Bracketing the Ebola Epidemic – Guinea at the Beginning and the End
03-15-2016 | Link to lecture 

Timothy Amukele

Timothy Amukele, MD, PhD
Transportation of Laboratory Samples via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Promises and Possibilities
03-10-2016 | Link to lecture 

Saad B. Omer

Saad B. Omer, MBBS MPH PhD
Fulfilling the Promise of Immunization: New Frontiers in Vaccine Research
03-07-2016 | Link to lecture 

Eva Leidman

Eva Leidman
Complex Humanitarian Emergency in Ukraine: Recent Assessments, Humanitarian Response, and Lessons Learned

Anne Williams

Anne Williams
A behavior change intervention to improve maternal dietary diversity in rural Kenya
02-24-2016 | Link to lecture 

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD
PrEP Three Ways: Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for Men Who Have Sex with Men in South Africa, Thailand, and the United States
02-18-2016 | Link to lecture 

Cesar A. Arias

Cesar A. Arias, MD, MSc, PhD
Antibiotic Resistance: Bugs, Genomes and Public Health
02-11-2016 | Link to lecture

Danny Haddad

Danny Haddad
Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention  (MMDP) Project in NTDs
02-03-2016 | Link to lecture

Julie Hotchkiss

Julie Hotchkiss
Hold Your Breath: The Detrimental Impact of Hazardous Air Pollutants on the Respiratory Health of Children in Tennessee
01-20-2016 | Link to lecture


Isabelle Romieu

Isabelle Romieu
Obesity and Breast Cancer in Latin America
11-18-2015 | Link to lecture 

Francois Grunewald

Francois Grunewald
Healthcare in Disaster Situations: Lessons Learned in Haiti and Nepal
10-28-2015 | Link to lecture 

Jorge Salinas

Jorge Salinas
Malaria, Nutrition and Metabolomics
10-21-2015 | Link to lecture 

Allison Buttenheim

Alison Buttenheim
Mickey’s got the measles: The causes and consequences of nonmedical exemptions from school-entry immunization mandates in California
10-16-2015 | Link to lecture 

Cari Jo Clark

Cari Jo Clark - SRH Faculty Candidate
Development of Intimate Partner Violence Research in the Middle East / North Africa Region
10-7-2015 | Link to lecture 

Karen Andes

Karen Andes
Growing Up on the Margins: Sexual and Reproductive Health among Youth in Adverse Environments
09-16-2015 | Link to lecture 

Fleetwood Loustalot and Pragna Patel - CDC
A public health approach to addressing the global burden of cardiovascular disease
09-9-2015 | Link to lecture

Susan Somach

Susan Somach, JD
Exploring a Critical Connection between Gender and Health: Gender Based Violence
9-2-2015 | Link to lecture 

Amita Gupta

Amita Gupta, MD, MHS
Conducting HIV and TB research in India: Challenges and Opportunities
8-27-2015 | Link to lecture 

Ushma D. Upadhyay, PhD, MPH

Ushma D. Upadhyay, PhD, MPH
Women's Reproductive Autonomy: Effects on Contraceptive Use and Abortion Access
06-30-2015 | Link to lecture

Sera Young, MA, PhD

Sera Young, MA, PhD
If I can't eat, how can I feed? Food and water insecurity, HIV, and maternal and child health
Link to Lecture

Dabney P. Evans, PhD, MPH

Dabney P. Evans, PhD, MPH
Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Guideposts for Teaching, Mentoring and Research
Link to lecture

Matthew J. Magee, PhD, MPH

Matthew J. Magee, PhD, MPH
Dysglycemia, diabetes mellitus, and effects on Mycobacterium tuberculosis
03-25-2015 | Link to lecture

Jordan W. Tappero, MD, MPH

Jordan W. Tappero, MD, MPH
CDC: Ebola Response and Global Health Security Agenda
03-04-2015 | Link to lecture

Daniel Grossman, MD

Daniel Grossman, MD
Integration of family planning services into HIV care and treatment in Nyanza, Kenya

Robert A. Hahn PhD MPH

Robert A. Hahn PhD MPH
Health Equity Reviews at the Guide to Community Preventive Services

COL James E. Czarnik, MD

COL James E. Czarnik, MD
Challenges in fighting an Ebola Outbreak (Why send the Army to fight a virus?)
02-04-2015 | Link to lecture

Maria Auxiliadora F. Vertamatti , MD, MSc

Maria Auxiliadora F. Vertamatti , MD, MSc
Assistance to child survivors of sexual abuse
01-28-2015 | Link to lecture


Alex Smith, JD MPH MA
Law, Human Rights, and Reproductive Justice At Home and Abroad
01-21-2015 | Link to lecture


Jorge Vidal

Jorge Vidal, MSc, PhD
Global carriage of the pneumococcus and new molecular approaches to study the "pneumobiome"
12-03-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Michael Pratt, MSPE, MD, MPH

Michael Pratt, MSPE, MD, MPH
Wandering the world of physical activity and health.
11-19-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Marcus Marktanner, MBA MS PhD and Dlorah Jenkins, MPH

Marcus Marktanner, MBA MS PhD and Dlorah Jenkins, MPH
A Framework for Assessing the Economic Cost of an Ebola Outbreak
11-05-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Ralph Ankri

Ralph Ankri
Orange Labs SA4LCI Support AMEA for Local and Collaborative Innovation
10-22-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Diana Greene Foster, PhD

Diana Greene Foster, PhD
What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions?
10-09-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Scott J. N. McNabb, PhD MS

Scott J. N. McNabb, PhD MS
Developing a Consensus Framework of Best Practices for Collaborative Research during Global Public Health Emergencies
09-24-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Mary Claire Worrell, Evelyn Howatt and Natalie Peters

Mary Claire Worrell, Evelyn Howatt and Natalie Peters
Multiple approaches to improve pregnancy outcome surveillance system A Practicum Student Presentation
09-03-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

Dr. Olive Shisana

Dr. Olive Shisana
The Sixth BRICS Summit: Inclusive Growth, Sustainable Solutions
08-27-2014 | Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Mark H. Einstein, MD, MS
"HPV-Related Issues in HIV: Can we Improve Outcomes?"
01-15-2014 |Listen to podcast/mp3

Felipe Lobelo, MD PhD FAHA
"Exercise as Medicine: Advancing Global Health, One Step at a Time"
01-22-2014 |Listen to podcast/mp3

David Addiss, MD, MPH
"Global health: What's compassion got to do with it?"
01-29-2014 |Listen to podcast/mp3

Jennifer Bernal, MSc, PhD
"Food insecurity measurements: from a household to an individual perspective"
02-19-2014 |Listen to podcast/mp3

Roberto Mejia, PhD
"Mental Health and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs): Global perspective and Opportunities for Collaboration in Latin American Countries"

Ibrahim A Bani, MD, DTM&H, PhD
"Controlling Tuberculosis Infection among Healthcare Workers, Jazan Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"
04-09-2014 |Listen to podcast/mp3

Karen Andes, PhD
"Why Paraguay?"
04-16-2014 |Listen to podcast/mp3


seminar series

Rebecca Day Merrill, PhD, MHS
Diet, Genes, and the Environment: A multidisciplinary approach to understanding iron deficiency anemia in developing countries.
11-20-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Kristin VanderEnde, RN, CNM, PhD
Community-level Correlates to Violence Against Women and Girls in Bangladesh
11-13-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Juan A. Rivera, MS PhD
"Mexico's fight against obesity: actions, results, and challenges"
10-30-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Judy Aubel, PhD
"Ecological and multi-actor strategies to promote systemic and sustained change in community norms"
10-23-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Andreas Georgiadis, PhD
"The Sooner The Better But It's Never Too Late: The Impact of Child Growth At Different Stages of Infancy and Childhood on Cognitive Development"
10-16-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

The Global Elimination of Maternal Mortality from Abortion
"The Global Elimination of Maternal Mortality from Abortion"
09-18-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Sophia Hussen MD, MPH
"Coffee, Capital, and the Cross: Exploring Resilience among Ethiopian Expert Patients Living with HIV"
08-28-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3


seminar series

"The Emory-Tbilisi Partnership: Lessons Learned and Future Possibilities for Emory University"
12-12-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Diabetes in the MENA Region
12-05-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

An update on the HPV Vaccine: A Global Perspective
11-28-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Fast data, slow data: The Vaccine Confidence Index
11-09-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

SARS: "Lessons for response to emergence of a Novel Coronavirus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"
11-07-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

CDC's International Emergency and Refugee Health Branch: Evidence in Action
10-24-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

The Dynamics, Determinants and Dimensions of Cardiovascular Disease in India
10-17-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

"Effectiveness of Micronutrient Powders for Home Fortification of Food"
10-03-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

International Trachoma Initiative
09-26-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Bihar Summer Student Symposium
09-19-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Intimate Partner Violence and Women's Labor in Minya, Egypt

seminar series

"If the Condom Doesn't Fit, You Must Resize It"
The #1 problem with condoms is that men don't wear them often enough. This seminar describes the medical rational behind custom fit condoms and presents future research opportunities.
12-07-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Global Momentum in Family Planning: an experience in South Sudan
Maternal mortality stands at 2054 per 100,000 live births with a fertility rate of 6.7%. Like many developing nations, the reproductive health policy of South Sudan includes a health and family life education campaign to highlight health and socio-economic benefits of family planning.
11-09-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

"To Open Oneself is a Poor Woman's Trouble" Embodied Inequality and Childbirth in South Central Tanzania
"To reduce maternal mortality and achieve MDG-5, maternal healthcare institutions are committed to making some form of biomedical obstetric care more available to all childbearing women."
10-19-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Parents, Death and Its Implication for Child Survival
There is increasing evidence that the health, education, and socioeconomic status of mothers and fathers have significant impact on the health and survival of their children.
10-12-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

"Mandela's children: Securing the health and well-being of future generations in South Africa"
The seminar will present health trend data from rural and urban South Africa highlighting the "tough" South African neighbourhood, complex transitions underway, converging rural-urban scenarios, and evidence critical for intervention development.
09-28-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

Primary Prevention of Type-2 Diabetes in the United States
This talk describes the rationale for and evidence accumulated regarding primary prevention of type 2 diabetes in the US. We describe a meta-analysis of translation studies that adapted primary prevention models in real-life settings and discuss the key negotiations with stakeholders that led to rollout of diabetes prevention service offerings.
09-14-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

"The Global Burden of Cancer"
This presentation will highlight the importance of NCDs worldwide, the increase as population age and life style changes, particularly in developing countries. We will discuss modifiable life style factors which prevention strategies should focus.
09-07-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Health and Democracy & Governance"
Improved accountability is often called for as an element in improving health system performance. At first, the idea of better accountability seems simple, but it contains a high degree of complexity.
08-31-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Intimate Partner Violence among Male-Male Couples"
Dr. Rob Stephenson discusses the issue of intimate partner violence among male-male couples across all cultural boundaries.
04-27-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Care and Outcomes, Lessons from New Zealand"
Dr. Kenealy describes the variances in diabetes care and results base on differences of ethnic background of each patient.
04-20-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Sprinkles sales reduce anemia, iron deficiency and vitamin A deficiency among young children in Kenya"
Dr. Suchdev describes the impact of nutrient supplementing sprinkles on the youth of Kenya.
04-20-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

Cervical Cancer Prevention Globally: Current Activities Related to Cervical Cancer Screening and Vaccination
Dr. Mona Saraiya presents an update on the status of Cervical Cancer in the global arena.
04-13-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"The Built Environment and Recreational Physical Activity among Adults in Bogota, Colombia and Curitiba, Brazil"
The growing evidence of the influence of urban environment on physical activity (PA) underscore the need for novel policy solutions to address the inequality, lack of space, and limited PA resources in rapidly growing Latin American cities.
04-06-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"The Brazilian Health System and the Right to Healthcare"
Aline Albuquerque S. de Oliveira is the principal investigator for the "Bioethics and Human Rights Research Group" which examines issues related to health, bioethics and human rights.
04-06-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"The Early Days of the AIDS Epidemic in the United States: Views from Atlanta and Hollywood"
This presentation will use the results of epidemiologic investigations and clips from the film, "And the Band Played On" to examine the early history of the AIDS epidemic in the United States.
03-30-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Exploring Global Reproductive Health Data"
Discussion includes research data gathering from around the world, the languages used, and the sharing of the infomation.
03-23-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"After CAPRISA 004 and iPrEX: Implications for PrEP Research"
CAPRISA 004, the most exciting news to come out of this year's International AIDS Conference - tested the ability of an antiretroviral (ARV)-based vaginal agent to prevent HIV infection in women.
03-16-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Polio Endgame: Focusing on Social Determinants"
A major challenge to the success of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) is reintroduction of wild poliovirus from the remaining endemic countries (including India) into polio-free countries, and, countries that are rapidly becoming polio free.
03-16-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"The Bristol Stool Chart as an Alternative to Self-Reported Diarrhea as an Outcome Measure in WASH Research"
Dr. Clair Null presents results from the first use of the Bristol Stool Chart to track health outcomes among children in a developing country as part of a cluster randomized trial of a water quality improvement.
02-23-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Follow That Microbe"
Dr. Casanova's research interests include environmental microbiology, healthcare infection control, waterborne diseases, and water supply, hygiene and sanitation interventions in developing countries.
02-09-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Can Toys Be Used as an Additional Measure in Health Studies"
In an attempt to better understand household hygiene and bacterial contamination with E. coli, this study examined bacterial contamination found on children's toy from families that were participating in a study on water treatment in households in Honduras.
02-09-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Foreign Disaster Assistance"
Mr. Ward's most recent overseas post with USAID was in Pakistan as the Mission Director, serving from July 2002 through December 2003. Prior to that, he was the Director of USAID's Office of Procurement in Washington, D.C.
02-03-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Religion's Role in Adolescent Sexuality"
This presentation will summarize the findings from four series of workshops that examined the role of religion in relation to sexuality.
02-02-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Using Community HIV-1 Viral Load to Measure the Success of the National AIDs Strategy"
Dr. Das discusses the novel public health surveillance indicator, community viral load, that reflects the success of combination HIV prevention and treatment interventions.
01-26-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

"Influenza and Bacterial Infections - the Deadly Synergism"
The interdependence of pneumonia and influenza significantly affects morbidity outcomes for many patients of either disease.
01-19-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3


seminar series

"Influenza, a Risky Disease"
Dr. Sencer was Director, CDC, 1966-1977 during the Swine flu epidemic. In this talk, he shares his public health experience of that epidemic and its implications today.
12-08-2010 Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

"Food Safety Challenges in a Global Food System"
Instigated by recent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses making national and international headlines, food safety awareness has heightened among the food industry, regulatory agencies, and the public.
12-01-2010 Listen to podcast/mp3

seminar series

"TYCHO: A Global, Open-Access, Public Health Database"
Project TYCHO* at the University of Pittsburgh aims to develop an international repository that provides global public health data to the scientific community and policy makers. (*) Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was a Danish nobleman who is known for collecting astronomical data used by Kepler to formulate the laws of planetary motion.


global health

Patrick Sullivan, PhD, DVM
The Role of Male to Male Sex in HIV Epidemics in Africa and Asia

global health

Jeannette Guarner, MD
Jeannette Guarner, MD

global health

Hannah Cooper, SM, ScD
HIV and Drug Use

global health

Paul Spearman, MD
Perinatal Transmission and Pediatric HIV

global health

Rana Chakraborty, MD, PhD
Adolescent HIV Management

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Sophis Hussen, MD, MPH
Stigma and Discrimination in HIV/AIDS

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Paula Frew, PhD, MA, MPH
Out of the Black Box: Reducing HIV Health Disparities via Clinical Trial Participation

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Taraz Samandari, MD, PhD
TB prevention options for HIV infected populations living in TB-endemic settings

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Jim Curran, MD, MPH
Conversations with the Dean

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Vincent Marconi, MD
Challenges in HIV Care and Treatment in the US and Abroad


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Dr. Jeff Lennox
History and Current Trends in ARV Therapy

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Dr. Ameeta Kahloke
IPV and HIV in India

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Dr. Jon Kaplan
CDC's Global AIDS Program and the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

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Dr. Susan Allen
Voluntary Counseling and Testing


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Dr. Eli Rosenberg
Racial Disparities Among MSM w/ HIV


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SEATEC (Stephanie Beane)
HIV/AIDS Educational Programs for Healthcare Providers and Community


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AID Atlanta (Loreen Krug)
HIV/AIDS Educational Programs for Healthcare Providers and Community


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Dr Kate Winskell
HIV Scenarios


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Hannah Cooper, SM, ScD
HIV and Drug Use


global health

Rana Chakraborty, MD, PhD
Adolescent HIV Management

04-05-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Paul Spearman, MD
Perinatal Transmission and Pediatric HIV

03-08-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

global health

Vincent Marconi, MD
Challenges in HIV Care and Prevention in the US and Abroad

03-01-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

global health

Taraz Samandari, MD, PhD
TB prevention options for HIV infected populations living in TB-endemic settings

02-22-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Kristin Dunkle, MPH, PhD
Gender and HIV

02-15-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Anne Spalding, MD, MPH
HIV in Prison Populations

02-08-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Bernard Branson, MD
Advances in HIV Testing

02-01-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Patrick Sullivan, PhD, DVM
The Role of Male to Male Sex in HIV Epidemics in Africa and Asia

01-25-2013 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Dr Alexander (Sandy) Duncan, MD
Safe Blood Program



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Dr. Carlos del Rio - Stigma and Disclosure

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Dr. Jonathan E. Kaplan - The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

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Kate Winskill Scenarios in Africa

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Dr. Susan Allen World Bank - USAID Debates Emerging Issues in Today's HIV Response

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Barbarba Lacy Wilson - AID Atlanta, Inc.

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Kurbatova Ekaterina, MD, MPH, PhD - Tuberculosis and HIV

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Kimberly S. Hagen
Lessons from the AIDS Epidemic
09-21-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Dr. James W. Curran
The History of HIV

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HIV and Drug Use - Hannah Cooper
04-06-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Advances in HIV Testing - Bernard Branson
03-30-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Adolescent HIV Management - from the Cradle to the Rave - Rana Chakraborty
03-23-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Perinatal Transmission and Pediatric HIV - Paul Spearman
03-09-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Challenges in HIV Care and Prevention in the US and Abroad - Vincent Marconi
03-02-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Out of the Black Box: Reducing HIV Health Disparities via Clinical Trial Participation - Paula Frew, PhD, MA, MPH
02-17-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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TB prevention options for HIV infected populations living in TB-endemic settings - Taraz Samandari, MD, PhD
02-10-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Safe Blood Program - Alexander Duncan, MD
01-20-2012 |Listen to podcast/mp3


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Nicholas Vogenthaler, MD, MPH
Food Insecurity and HIV: A Discussion of Two Overlapping Epidemics
11-11-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Kurbatova Ekaterina, MD, MPH, PhD
Tuberculosis and HIV
10-21-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

global health

Kate Winskell, PhD
HIV Scenarios
10-14-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Arletha Williams, PhD, MPH, CHES Stephanie Beane, M.Ed.
An Introduction to the Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center (SEATEC)
10-07-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Dr. Kaplan CDC's Global AIDS Program
Dr. Kaplan discusses the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
09-30-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Kristin Dunkle, MPH, PhD
Gender, Sexuality and HIV in South Africa. Gender Violence and Risk among women, MSW, and MSM.
09-23-2011 |Listen to podcast/mp3

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Dr. Kimberly Hagan
Lessons From the AIDS Epidemic.
09-16-2011 |Listen

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Overview and Principles: Conventional and Rapid HIV Tests - Advances in HIV Testing Technology - Bernard M. Branson, MD

global health

Challenges in HIV Care and Prevention - Peter H. Kilmarx, MD, FACP, FIDSA

global health

Pediatric HIV - Paul Spearman Rana Chakraborty

global health

TB prevention options for HIV infected populations living in TB-endemic settings - Taraz Samandari, MD, PhD

Blood Safety - Alexander Duncan, MD


global health

Carlos Del Rio, MD
Stigma and Disclosure


Kurbatoa Ekaterina, MD, MPH, PhD
Tuberculosis and HI

Nicholas ogenthaler, MD, MPH
Food Insecurity: Implications for ART Adherence, HI Treatment Outcomes, and HI Preention

global health

Jonathan E. Kaplan, MD
The President's Plan for AIDS Relief

Nina Smith Bankhead and Rebecca J. Culyba, PhD
The Serice Continuum at AID Atlanta Rebecca J. Culyba, PhD - An Introduction to the Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center

global health

Susan Allen
Making Decisions About Resource Allocations

global health

Carlos Del Rio, MD
The Global HIV Epidemic.


Introduction to Budgeting
Jessica Kuzara



Challenges to Scaling Up Point-of-Use Water Treatment in the Developing World
Lecture by Dr. Rob Quick of CDC on Point of Use Water Treatment. Almost a billion people in the world are at risk of diarrhea morbidity and mortality due to unsafe water at the household level. Starting with the recent outbreaks of Cholera in Haiti, Dr. Quick describes how epidemic investigations led to the identification of unsafe water in households, the development and testing of home treatment options, the development of an evidence base, and the development, testing, and evaluation of implementation strategies. Excellent lecture for those committed to strengthening capacity to improve health and well being.



Title: Traditional Health Practices in Ethiopia
Lecture by Senait Kebede MD on Traditional Health Practices in Ethiopia. Lecture was delivered to GH 542 - Evidence-Based Strategies on February 3, 2011. Lectures describes practices including Female Genital Cutting, Uvulectomy, and Tonsillectomy; methods used, and health burdens.


Empowering People for Saving newborns and Children
Abhay Bang is the co-founder and Director of SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health), an NGO in India. It was founded in 1985 by him and his wife, Dr. Rani Bang to be an institution of community health which provides health care to the local population and generates knowledge for the global community by way of research.



HIV/Aids in Ethiopia
Tom Kenyon, 3-21-2011


The Roller Coaster Ride of Rotavirus Vaccines
WHO has recommended that rotavirus vaccination be included in all national immunization programmes to provide protection against a virus that is responsible for more than 500 000 diarrhoeal deaths and 2 million hospitalizations every year among children.


Healthcare and Public Health in China
Dr. Jeffrey Koplan gives a broad overview of Public Healt in China and a brief history of its progress.


Epidemiologic Transition
Dr. Mohammed K. Ali gives an historical overview of the transition of epideomiology to present Public Health status.

Scenarios from Africa is an HIV/AIDS community mobilization, education and media process carried out with and for young people. It was initiated by Hubert Department of Global Health faculty member Kate Winskell and her husband Daniel Enger with African colleagues in 1996. Since 1997, contests have invited young Africans to contribute scripts for short fiction films to educate their communities about HIV/AIDS. The young contest participants are mobilized by non-governmental and community-based organizations and local, national and international media across sub-Saharan Africa.

The winning ideas in each contest are selected by juries and, following adaptation, transformed into short fiction films by leading African directors. More than 35 films have been produced to date and are available in over 25 languages. Widely broadcast and used extensively as an educational resource at community level, they are among the most widely used audio-visual resources for HIV communication in Africa.

For more information, please visit or follow Scenarios from Africa on Facebook. You will find links to a small selection of Scenarios from Africa films below. To see and download additional films in multiple languages, visit or

Scenarios from Africa in a nutshell

Iron Will

Just Once

Tiger, Tigress

The Reasons for a Smile