2014-2015 Humphrey Fellow Biographies


M.B, Ch.B., Bachelor of Medicine,
Bachelor of Surgery

Dr. Alatbee works as a medical doctor with the Ministry of Health in Iraq. He has been a member of the Iraqi Medical Association since 2008. In his current position as the Deputy Director of Prevention with the Primary Health Department/Sector One, he manages the Health Monitoring and Prevention of Infectious Disease Department and is responsible for insuring quality public health and control of infectious diseases.

Dr. Alatbee also recently completed a residency in cardio-thoracic surgery. His interests for the Fellowship are to gain more knowledge around the control and prevention of infectious diseases, especially of HIV/AIDS and of health education for medical personnel.

Licia Lemos

Bachelor of International Relations
Post graduate degrees in International Cooperation

Ms. Lemos has been working at the Ministry of Health in Brazil since 2004 and was responsible for negotiating, developing and monitoring international cooperation projects throughout the Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. She has participated in missions coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which organized projects addressing malaria, dengue fever, HIV, traumatology, urology, sickle cell disease, hospital management and tuberculosis. Through these missions, she has worked in Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Mozambique, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Palestine, and Israel.

Ms. Lemos has also served as a consultant for the Ministry of Health where she negotiated international agreements in health and created, reactivated, monitored and coordinated cross-border healthcare comissions in collaboration with the Ministry of External Relations.

As a Humphrey Fellow, she hopes to gain experience with U.S. policies on international cooperation, human rights, humanitarian assistance and international law as well as a familiarity with relevant international organizations, agencies and institutions.


Bachelor of Economics

Mr. Pagano has worked as a Health Economist for the Health Economics Division of the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay since 2010. In his current role, he assists in public health policy design as it relates to Uruguay’s health financing system. He also works on the evaluation and tracking of healthcare coverage for Uruguay’s population. For one of his most recent projects, Mr. Pagano was part of a team that led the design and implementation of a National Health Survey; the first study of its kind in Uruguay. The results of this study will serve as an important research tool for a wide range of household health behaviors.

Mr. Pagano has also served as a full time Assistant Researcher in the Economics Department of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Uruguay where he investigated microeconomics issues related to health economics. He maintains a position at the University teaching Principles of Economics at the undergraduate level.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Pagano aims to gain practical and theoretical skills in the field of public health policy implementation and evaluation, health research, and applied public health economics. He aims to build professional affiliations with public health policy organizations at the local and international level.


M.D. in General Medicine

Dr.Van has ten years of professional experience working with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam. Since 2010, he has served as the Chief of the Care and Treatment Department for the Ho Chi Minh AIDS Committee. His various responsibilities include implementing and managing HIV/AIDS projects for which he has been awarded two City People’s Committee Awards for Excellent Employees of the Year: one in 2008 for his contribution to the activity of rehabilitation centers and another in 2013 for his contribution to their five-year HIV/AIDS strategic plan.

Dr. Van has participated in several training programs including a jointly-led course with the Hanoi Public School and CDC Vietnam on Leadership and Management Skills.

Dr. Van will focus his Fellowship on epidemiology, health policy, health economics and program implementation in HIV/AIDS and on other public health issues.


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, B.S. in Biochemistry

Dr. Talla works with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) as a general practitioner. Having completed courses in HIV/AIDS, she is particularly involved in the clinical management of people living with HIV/AIDS, the coordination of HIV/AIDS services as well as tuberculosis programs. Dr. Talla coordinates palliative care services for terminally ill-patients and leads practicum training for nurses and paramedics. For three years, Dr. Talla has served as the Chief Medical Director of a sister health institution where she not only supervised clinical services, but also engaged in administration and resource management activities. She has single-handedly led several health education activities and mass HIV screening at her local church in Cameroon.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Dr. Talla will focus her studies on policy improvement and coordination, monitoring and evaluation of health programs, as well as the implementation of effective and efficient public health programs (specifically HIV/AIDS) that can reduce the impact of a disease on the community and nation.
She also hopes to improve her leadership skills through professional development activities.

Zhu Fu

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Economics
MBA, Master of Public Management

Ms. Fu has been working in pharmaceutical administration since 2000. She currently holds two positions as the Director of the Drug Market Compliance Department at the Hainan Food & Drug Administration and as a staff member of the Hainan Province Healthcare Reform Office. During her fifteen-year career, she has built her skillset in policy development and implementation for the supervision of pharmaceutical distribution at the provincial level. Since 2009, Ms. Fu has been heavily involved in the provincial public health reform plan where she is able to leverage her specific area of interest in drug procurement and supply.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Fu’s main interest is public health policy, specifically pharmaceutical policy. She looks forward to applying these learnings to the development of practical solutions for China’s excessive pharmaceutical expenditure issue after her Fellowship year.


Bachelor of Health Care Management in Tropical Countries
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Certificate in Community Medicine

Dr. Jada served as a medical practitioner in rural parts of the two Sudans for over twenty years. He has worked for nonprofits organizations, CARE and TALISMAN Energy, as a field doctor responsible for health centers, antenatal care units and supplementary feeding sites which treated internally displaced people during war time.

Since the war, Dr. Jada has worked in South Sudan as Assistant Director to establish new health care services for police. He also has worked as a medical consultant for a community health center.

He is interested in community medicine and is concerned about infectious as well as noninfectious diseases. As a Humphrey Fellow, he plans to advance his expertise in the development and management of health services and health policies that persuade decision makers to back up funding for health programs.


Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

Ms. Shokralla has been passionate about quality assurance and regulatory activities since the beginning of her career. She initially joined the Egyptian Regulatory Authority (EDA) at the Egyptian Ministry of Health which regulates the national use of medical devices. At EDA, she formed a new team that strategically planned, endorsed and implemented the nationwide Egyptian Medical Device Regulatory System; regulated the manufacturing process; and engaged in pre- and post- marketing surveillance to ensure safety and effectiveness of the its products.

With her diverse experience in human resources, project management, gap analysis, and behavioral sciences, Ms. Shokralla has been involved in the EDA’s organizational development from the beginning.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Shokralla plans to explore the management of the U.S. healthcare system, health economics as it relates to regulatory activities, strategic management of global health, and healthcare communication in addition to advancing her own management and leader


Bachelor of Nursing
Master of Science in Psychiatric Nursing
Registered Nurse

Ms. Lama works in a faculty role for the College of Nursing at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) in Dharan, Nepal where she supervises nursing students in their hospital and community nursing practicum. She has several years of nursing and teaching experience in both general and psychiatric nursing.

She has been is involved in the development of nursing programs for the College of Nursing at BPKIHS University and took responsibility for initiating the Centre for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) and the Anti-Retroviral Clinic at BPKIHS. Ms. Lama’s leadership skills include management positions in nursing education and nursing service at BPKIHS.

During her Fellowship, Mrs. Lama will focus on HIV/AIDS policy and prevention. Her specific interest is to design effective and holistic community-oriented HIV prevention programs focused on stigma reduction and peer education.


Master of International Research in Bioethics

Dr. Oo works as a research scientist for the Department of Medical Research (Lower Myanmar) at the Ministry of Health. Her responsibilities include training and supervising research assistants, developing research proposals, planning and implementing field research, data processing and analysis, report writing and dissemination of findings. Her current research areas are health systems and policy research on reproductive health including maternal and child health, TB and HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Oo additionally provides technical and ethical input on research proposals, is involved in the ethics review and teaches research methodology. She also serves as a thesis supervisor for Master and Doctorate level students studying research methodology and research ethics. Dr. Oo has experience working with NGOs and Community Based Organizations on identifying and prioritizing their research interests, promoting their research capacities, developing operations research proposals, and making the research findings useful to constituents.

As a Humphrey Fellow, she will focus her studies on public health policy and management as well as the development of research information systems, which provides accessible and useful inputs to public health policy making and management. She looks forward to enhancing her skills on qualitative data analysis, critical thinking, leadership and health policy analysis.



Dr. Innocent Nukuri has worked as a medical doctor in Burundi for seven years. After serving as the general practitioner of a rural hospital, he was nominated to serve as Chief of the rural district hospital and was then promoted to Health District Chief where, for three years, he successfully implemented performance based financing (PBF) in all of the district’s health centers.

In 2012, he became the provincial PBF Coordinator for a Netherland-based international nonprofit institution, Health Net Transcultural Psychological Organization (HNTPO), where he was primarily responsible for health financing. Subsequently, Dr. Nukuri became the Public Health Coordinator for Foundation TPO Burundi where he managed three projects. His first project facilitated the implementation of PBF by international NGOs and the regulation and control of quality of the healthcare system. His second project facilitates the integration of mental health care into the basic health care system. His third project facilitated the community’s PBF in increasing the accessibility of vaccinations. His areas of interest are health care systems and financing.