2013-2014 Humphrey Fellow's Biographies

Betemariam Alemu Tireneh

Bsc in Environmental Health
Master in Public Health

Mr. Betemariam is a public health specialist who worked at different international NGOs for the last ten years. He has contributed to the development of community based maternal, newborn, and child health strategies including development of training materials on immunization, infant and young child feeding, and community integrated management for newborn and childhood illness .

Before he joined the Humphrey program, he worked with the United States Agency for International Development in the capacity of Social and Behavior change communication specialist. His Humphrey Fellowship program will be focused on public health policy and management, qualitative analysis methods, strategic management and behavioral science in relation to maternal and child health intervention.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Public Management (Expected 2013)
Registered Nurse and Midwife

Mrs. Bolinto works at Saint Louis University School of Nursing as a lecturer in Public Health Nursing and supervises nursing students in their public health nursing practicum in marginalized communities. She also has supervised nursing students in their Community Immersion Program in far-flung communities. She also has been the Supervisor of the community extension service arm of the School of Nursing. She is also responsible for the over-all coordination of activities with non-government organizations, local government units, civil society groups, private health and non-health related agencies and practitioners.

Because of the diversity of approaches in health development utilized by the different agencies and organizations whom the program link and ally with, Mrs. Bolinto also organizes fora and seminars that unify their development vision, approaches and principles of work. She recently received her re-appointment as member of the University Outreach Council. She is an active leader and member of the Anglican/Episcopal congregation, an active officer of the Association of Community Health Workers and Nars ng Bayan, an organization of nurses who advocate social concerns that impact on Public Health Nursing Practice.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Mrs. Bolinto is interested in Public Health Policy and Management and in Health Education. She also wants to work with organizations and individuals in the U.S. with expertise in developing a participatory, culturally-sensitive and environment-friendly health promotion and education programs on hypertension.

Emmanuel Beljard Edzongui

MD, CHS (Certificate in Public Health System)

Prior to 2005, Dr. Edzongui worked with several non-governmental organizations on public health programs. Since 2005, Dr. Edzongui has worked for the United Nations Population Fund in Congo (Brazzaville) country office as HIV/AIDS, Youth and Humanitarian Program Officer. His responsibilities included providing technical guidance as needed with government and non-governmental organizations in health and AIDS sectors, and youth empowerment in policy change. He also provided technical support to African countries in humanitarian analysis and in design of common humanitarian action plans.

During his Fellowship, Dr. Edzongui will focus on HIV/AIDS policy and prevention. His specific objective is to study the vulnerability of young people to the risk of HIV/AIDS. He hopes to explore youth pre-conceptions, gender relations and sexuality, condom use and decision-making by young people to protect themselves.

Ikram Chentaf

BS in Experimental Science
License in Science Economics, Business

Master of Business Administration in Global Management

Ms. Ikram Chentaf is a health administrator at the Ministry of Health in Morocco. Over ten years of her professional life, she worked in different positions, including doing accounting for a micro company, teaching management and communication to post-secondary students, and working for the Human Resource Department of the Health Ministry. For the past three years she was an active member of the team working on the development and implementation of a new project that aims to provide health insurance to the economically challenged segment of her country.

In addition to her profession, she is very much engaged in community service activities involving youth work. Some of her interests during the Humphrey year are to learn more about public health, health economics and health care and communication.

Janet Beatrice Oola

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Master in Public Health
Diploma in TB control/Epidemiology
Diploma in Public Administration and Management

Dr. Oola nurtured a career in public health for a total of 18 years, after first serving as a general practitioner. Starting as a Zonal Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control supervisor, she later was assigned responsibilities as a District Health Officer, a position she still holds. She successfully piloted a community-based Tuberculosis DOTS approach, early in her public health career, which was adopted by the Ministry of Health and expanded country wide.

As a District Health Officer, she has broad public health responsibilities. It was during this tenure that she successfully uplifted the health status of internally displaced populations in a war zone. She has undertaken research projects in malaria, tuberculosis, reproductive health, health promotion and health systems, and has currently attracted funding for research in onchocerciasis, which she will undertake after completing the Humphrey fellowship.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Dr. Oola’s main interest is public health policy and management, where she expects to increase her knowledge in project management, policy analysis, scientific research and grant writing, and the monitoring and evaluation of health programs. She also expects to have hands-on experience in developing evidence-based policy and project documents, and grasping effective management and leadership skills.

Khirea Hashaishi

Master of Pharmacy, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Health Services Pharmacy
Master in Public Health

Having taken an interest over the duration of her training in infectious diseases, she was able to specialize as an Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacist and participate in multi-disciplinary team work within United Kingdom (UK) hospital settings. During her time as an infectious disease pharmacist she undertook a career break from an NHS hospital in the UK, and took a more senior position as the Deputy Director of Pharmacy and Medical Devices Department at the Libyan National Centre for Infectious Diseases.

Throughout this period she was able to introduce the concept of clinical pharmacy and was heavily involved in the strategic planning of procurement and distribution of medication during the Swine Influenza epidemic across Libya. In 2011, she began working in Libya with the Belgian Red Cross team implementing a Health Information System in two of the main hospitals in Tripoli and teaching clinical pharmacy.

As a Humphrey Fellow, she wants to have experiences in developing anti-tobacco programs, and in improving the quality of health services for HIV/AIDS patients.

Myo Kyaw Lwin

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Master in Public Policy

Dr. Lwin works for Save the Children as a Program Manager for HIV/AIDS prevention, care & treatment and is the principle recipient for a HIV grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. He oversees implementation of the grant by sub-recipients with responsibilities for program management, program development, quality assurance, cost effectiveness, monitoring & evaluation, and coordination with governmental agencies, the donor community and non-governmental stakeholders.

He also has had experience in primary health care, maternal and child health, and malaria prevention & control in very remote areas with no access of health care. He conducted assessment of Health sector decentralization in the Republic of Rwanda with close collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

His main interest during the Humphrey Fellowship is health economics and health system management.

Prachi Garg

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology
Master of Arts in Psychology

Ms. Garg is a health communication professional and has worked with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, as an Advisor (Information, Education and Communication). She has over ten years of experience in social and behavior change communication. Her work is mainly focused on HIV/AIDS and Reproductive & Child Health. Her responsibilities include providing technical leadership to the national program.

It includes undertaking communication related research and evaluations, developing communication strategies, designing creative for mass media and interpersonal communication, media planning and facilitating the implementation of program in the states.

During her Humphrey Fellowship, she aims to receive training on the key areas of public health policy, management, health communication and research. This training and exposure will enable her for taking a lead in developing and implementing a robust health communication framework to strengthen the public health program in India.

Sophia Khumukcham

B. Sc (Honours) in Physics, Master in Social Work

Ms. Sophia Khumukcham is a public health professional who previously worked with the National AIDS Control Organization, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India where she was responsible for designing, implementing, supervising, monitoring and evaluating of HIV prevention interventions among high risk groups (female sex worker, men who have sex with men and injecting drug users).

She also established the Opioid Substitution Therapy program both in NGO and Government health facilities in the country. She has co-authored a number of publications especially on HIV and injecting drug users. Ms. Khumukcham has also designed and published national guidelines and audio-visual publications on prevention of HIV among high risk groups. She has also worked widely in the area human rights and social justice with refugees, women in crisis, rape survivors, disability, and sexual minorities.

The Humphrey Fellowship will help her build knowledge & skills in the areas of epidemiology, health systems research, monitoring & evaluation, cost effectiveness and impact assessments. She also wants to develop a global perspective on HIV, design effective and holistic HIV prevention programs. When she returns to India she hopes to be a health policy expert who can advise on national programs, community-led interventions and civil society initiatives to prevent the spread of HIV.

Tawatchai Apidechkul

M.Sc.(Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
Dr. P.H.(Epidemiology)

Dr. Tawatchai Apidechkul worked at the School of Health Science for more than 7 years as a professor teaching courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, and research in health sciences. He also worked at the Committee of the School of Health Science Administration, the Committee of Health Care Service Management at the Mae Fah Laung University Hospital and the Committee of Graduate Studies.

He was the director of the Public Health program at the Mae Fah Laung University before came to join the Humphrey program. He has been selected as one of the consultants to both local and national public health organizations in Thailand. Dr. Apidechkul is interested in learning more about HIV research and prevention programs that he wants to help the Hill tribe marginalized population in Thailand. He is also interested in epidemiological modeling.

During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he wants to develop linkages with people who are working in the field of HIV/AIDS. After completion of his Humphrey Fellowship program, he will establish the Hill tribe HIV/AIDS Research Center, and continue to work for reducing the incident cases of HIV/AIDS in the Hill tribe population.

Sanhu Wang

Bachelor of Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Master of Medicine – Public Health

Mr. Wang has a variety of experiences of working at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Administration Department and Food and Drug Safety Inspection Agency in China. He is currently the Assistant General Director of Emergency Management Department in the China Food and Drug Administration. His main responsibilities include taking charge of the emergency disposal, investigation and handling of major food and drug safety events.

Mr. Wang was involved in the SARS control campaign in Beijing. He also successfully developed the first five year plan for food and drug safety of China.

As a Humphrey Fellow, he will focus on public health policy analysis as well as emergency management, especially about preventing, protecting against, responding to and recovering from food and drug emergencies.