2011-2012 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

Front (left to right): Kevin Harvey, Emmlyne Emmanuel, Leticia Asomani-Wiafi, Mohamed Mokdad, Ella Disaine, Po Po Myint, Saidmumin Kholov. Back (left to right): Tseten Bhutia, Alisher Mirzoev, Ahmedou Neda, Jehan Al-Fannah Abdulelah Kutbi, Ogulsenem Gaipnazarova

Abdulelah I Kutbi

MD, ABFM (Board in Family Medicine)
DPHC (Diploma in Primary Health Care)

Dr. Kutbi works for the Ministry of Health in curative affairs in developing and implementing health programs. He has also worked as a scientist in the research center of King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. He established a country wide surveillance system for non-communicable disease and established a breast cancer screening program.

Dr. Kutbi has participated in the 2006 infant mortality survey and lectured in Saudi Arabia’s Field Epidemiology Training program. He has conducted courses on the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases, medical audit, quality improvement, and examination preparedness.

Dr. Kutbi also supervised board trainees in family medicine. He hopes to improve his skills on consultancy and gain knowledge in health economics and health policy development.

Ahmedou Neda

Specialist in Internal Medicine, MD

Dr. Neda is a medical doctor working as an internist in Sheikh Zaid Hospital in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. His responsibilities include management of infectious disease patients in the hospital including patients with HIV/AIDS. As part of his fellowship year, he will study HIV prevention.

He hopes to gain skills to conduct research, to improve HIV prevention in the country, and to ameliorate the quality of life of patients living with HIV/AIDS by introducing the newest strategies in HIV/AIDS treatment.

Alisher Mirzoev

Diploma in International Economic Relations

Over a decade, Mr. Mirzoev has worked in the NGO sector with ACTED (France), Care International, and Ghamkhori. In the local NGO, Ghamkhori, he coordinated several social and health projects. As Project Manager, Mr. Mirzoev was responsible for the development of project proposals and reports, overall coordinating, planning, and implementation of activities. He also was responsible for monitoring and evaluation of project activities.

He plans to use the Humphrey Fellowship to study HIV/AIDS prevention and policy focusing on stigmatization and discrimination of HIV infected people, especially children along with improving his knowledge of social justice and management.

Ella Disaine

MD, High Degree in Management

Since 2006, Dr. Disaine has worked for the University of North Carolina Madagascar conducting research with sex workers on a project dealing with fighting against HIV/AIDS. Before leaving for the Humphrey Program, she worked for an international NGO as a Technical Coordinator relating to communication, within the HIV/AIDS department. She worked with a high risk population, especially youth and sex workers through a peer education program.

Her major area of interest for her Humphrey Fellowship is HIV/AIDS policy and prevention including implementing strategic plans, proposal development, monitoring and evaluation, behavior change communication, advocacy, stigmatization and discrimination, and social support to HIV/AIDS infected people.

Emmlyne Emmanuel

MPH candidate
Post-graduate in Population and Development
DU in Epidemiology and Clinical Research

Dr. Emmlyne Emmanuel is the manager of the national Electronic Medical Record for HIV patients. She is responsible for the overall program management and development, expansion in primary care and maternal health, data analysis, and reporting. As a professor’s assistant in Ethics and Epidemiology at University Quisqueya, she is developing a proposal to evaluate the respect of women’s reproductive rights in the nation’s university hospitals.

Dr. Emmanuel plans to use her Humphrey Fellowship to increase her knowledge in operations management, proposal development, policy development, monitoring and evaluation, quality improvement, evidence based strategies, social marketing and behavioral change, and use of technologies in health information systems to better contribute in maternal and child health improvement in her country. She also wants to strengthen her professional skills on problem-solving techniques, consultation techniques, grant writing, scientific communication and advocacy.

Jehan Al-Fannah

Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Pharmacy
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Ms. Al-Fannah is a clinical pharmacist in pediatrics at the Royal Hospital in Muscat, Oman. She is also the deputy director of pharmacy. She has previously worked as the vice-chair of Oman Pharmaceutical Society. She has been conducting work with the W.H.O. headquarters as a member of the expert panel on drug evaluation. Early this year, she completed a project on gender and leadership in a public hospital in Oman.

Her main interest during the Humphrey Fellowship is the evaluation of public health programs, gender and equality, especially as related to children and the national pharmaceutical policy.

Ogulsenem Gaipnazarova


Dr. Gaipnazarova is an obstetrician-gynecologist with an extensive professional background in reproductive health. She has specialized training and has conducted research in genetics and oncology. From 1993 to 1995, Dr. Gaipnazarova held a faculty position in the Department of Physiology at Turkmen State University. Her most current position has been as a researcher in the Prevention Department of the Oncology Scientific Clinical Center in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Her efforts contributed to the development of the National Program on the Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Turkmenistan, which was implemented in 2009.

As a Humphrey Fellow, her main interest is to study how the national program to prevent cervical cancer was successfully implemented in the U.S.

Kevin M Harvey

MPH, MSc (Infectious Disease)
DPH (in progress)

Dr. Harvey is the current director of the National HIV Programme in Jamaica and has worked in the field of HIV for the last ten years. Hewas instrumental in establishing key programs for HIV rapidtesting,PMTCT, and treatment care and support for HIV infected individuals.

During his Humphrey Fellowship year he intends to study injury prevention and control, reproductive health management, public health preparedness, leadership and HIV/AIDS as well as pursuing professional attachments at the CDCfocusing on thecontrol of infectious diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases.

On returning to Jamaica, he will resume a leadership role within the Ministry of Health focusing on restructuring the health sector, strengthening programs for primary prevention of diseasesand health promotion.

Leticia Adelaide Asomani-Wiafe


Dr. Asomani-Wiafe is the Municipal Director of Health Services for Ledzokuku-krowor, a district in Ghana. Her responsibilities includeproviding technical assistance and coordinating with government and nongovernmental organizations in health care. Dr. Asomani-Wiafe’s prime concern is to improve community based response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ghana.

Her objective is to use the Humphrey Fellowship program to increase her knowledge in HIV/AIDS policy and prevention. This will enable her to achieve her ambition of implementing evidence based preventive measures with special emphasis on the youth both in and out of school.

Mohamed Mokdad


Dr. Mokdad is the director of the department of statistics in the directorate of Studies and Planning in the Ministry of Public Health in Tunisia. His responsibilities include implementing the national health plan and implementing the policy, systems, and strategies in order to ensure the provision of quality clinical care. Dr. Mokdad is a member of the team who is developing the School of Public Health in Tunisia.

As part of his fellowship year, he will study public health management and health economics.

Po Po Myint

MB., BS.

Dr. Myint worked as a Nutrition Field Officer in UNICEF, Burma where she provided technical assistance in nutrition and facilitated coordination with government and non-government partners. She was also involved in implementation, monitoring, and supervision of community based nutrition programs in cyclone Nargis affected areas and played a key role in nutrition data management. Dr. Myint also served as a medical officer in NGOs where she provided medical care and clinical management of HIV/AIDS patients with anti-retroviral treatment.

She plans to focus her Humphrey Fellowship in expanding her knowledge and skills on HIV/AIDS policy, prevention, and management. Moreover, she wants to learn more about nutrition framework, nutrition assessment and socio-cultural factors contributing to malnutrition so as to strengthen the nutrition program in her own country.

Saidmumin Kholov


Dr. Kholov is a prevention HIV/AIDS Program Officer for the HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria Control Program of UNDP Tajikistan. He is responsible for coordinating the policy interventions to scale up the HIV prevention and control program on Voluntary Counseling and Testing, provision of prevention and treatment services to high-risk and vulnerable groups as well as care, support and treatment activities including ARV treatment, substitution therapy, PMTCT, and HIV/HCV co-infection treatment. Dr. Kholov is interested in acquiring streamlined best practices in the field of HIV/AIDS policy, treatment and prevention.

He plans to use his Humphrey Fellowship to establish professional development visits to institutions where he can be engaged in learning evidence-based programs on HIV prevention, and be exposed to first-hand policy-making and treatment programs.

Tseten Yamphel Bhutia


Dr. Bhutia is the Joint Director in the Department of Health, Government of Sikkim, in India. His responsibility is to implement the National Rural Health Mission launched by the Government of India in 2005. Dr. Bhutia will focus on reproductive child health and other related issues.

His specific objective is to study and share experiences regarding various environmental, socioeconomic, and behavioral causes affecting the health of women and children. He hopes to learn skills to devise evidence-based context specific and resource sensitive interventions to reduce the infant and maternal mortality rate, especially among the vulnerable section of the community.