2010-2011 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

Back (left to right): Lenildo de Moura, Qi Li, Nnenna Chigbo, Simon Mutembo, Anele Ndebele. Front (left to right): Than Oo, Zhuo-Hui Deng, Ashraf Mohammed, Nwe Win, Stella Hachaturyan,Disna Rangapali Ranaweera, Benetta Andrews.

Anele Ndebele

Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance
Masters of Commerce in Marketing Strategy
BSc Media and Society Studies (’04)
Diploma in Education

Mr. Ndebele is the Provincial Behavioral Change Programme Manager for the Matabeleland AIDS Council in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is responsible for implementing and monitoring the five year National Behavioral Change strategy in the province of Matabeleland North.

His major area of interest for his Humphrey Fellowship year is studying HIV/AIDS policy and prevention including behavior change communication, health education, project management, fundraising and project proposal writing for nonprofit organizations, and advocacy.

Ashraf Mohammed

PhD in Public Health
Masters Degree in Medical Science
BSc Microbiology

Dr. Ashraf Mohammed is the Head of Department for the HIV/AIDS Unit at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. In this position he manages a program to control HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, and tuberculosis among students and staff in an attempt to mitigate the negative impact of the pandemic to the institution and community at large.

He plans to use his Humphrey Fellowship to increase his skills and knowledge of the prevention, control, and management of HIV/AIDS/TB intervention activities, integration of HIV/AIDS in the curricula, enhancement of Peer Education Projects, and to expand on his international collaborative research. His research focus interest is in the prevention of tuberculosis in AIDS patients.

Benetta Andrews

BSc. Biology

Dr. Andrews is a Resident Doctor in the Department of Pediatrics at the J.F. Kennedy Medical Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. In addition to treating patients, she also oversees the malaria clinic which is dedicated to outpatient malaria control initiatives.

She plans to focus her fellowship on increasing her knowledge of HIV prevention activities and health communication. She is also interested in studying the intersection of HIV and poverty and in health systems management.

Disna Rangapali Ranaweera

MA. Human Rights (2011)
H.R. and Health & Development
BA. Sociology

Ms. Rangapali is a Freelance Consultant in the Health and Development sector in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has been involved in many projects in disaster management and organizational development, health care management with a special focus on disability care and HIV/AIDS. At her most recent assignments, she has served as a regional consultant in evaluating disaster response programs in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Pakistan. She is a human rights activist.

Her main interest for her fellowship is the study of HIV/AIDS policy and prevention with specific emphasis on health policy planning, health communication, and proposal development.

Lenildo de Moura

PhD in Epidemiology (Expected 2011)
Masters in Epidemiology
Field Epidemiology Training Program in Brazil
Nursing Degree

Mr. de Moura is an Epidemiologist and Technical Assistant to the General Coordinator of Non-Communicable Disease Surveillance at the Brazilian Ministry of Health in Brasilia, Brazil. He is responsible for non-communicable disease surveillance analysis, improvement of the national level surveillance system, and risk factor monitoring.

He plans to expand his skills in epidemiology, surveillance, behavioral change communications, monitoring and evaluation, and policy development during his Humphrey Fellowship.

Nnenna Chigbo

Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation

Mrs. Chigbo is a Senior Physiotherapist for the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu, Nigeria. She is also the Head of the Physiotherapy Department at the Annunciation Specialist Hospital in Emene, Enugu. Her main area of interest is in improving the quality of life of those infected with HIV/AIDS by integrating physiotherapy as a viable complimentary treatment. She is also interested in injury prevention with emphasis in work related musculoskeletal disorders.

She plans to use her Humphrey Fellowship to study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention specifically focusing on advocacy, law, outcomes research, and program development. She hopes to learn how to develop exercise protocols for those living with HIV/AIDS and to run an NGO upon return to her country.

Nwe Win

International Master in Development Studies
Master of Public Administration
BS Physics

Ms. Win is the Executive Director for Phi Gyi Khinm, a local non-governmental organization located in Yangon, Burma, with which she has leadership, advocacy, and management responsibilities. She is concerned with improving the community based response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Burma

She plans to use her fellowship year to build her capacity in HIV/AIDS policy and prevention.


Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation

Ms Li is a Programme Associate for UNAIDS China in Beijing where the main focus of her work is with civil society development and advocacy. She works with community based organizations and the media to empower their engagement in the national AIDS response.

She plans to use her Humphrey Fellowship to study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention to further understand the framework and social behavior behind the creation of HIV/AIDS policy and to take the lead in positive change.

Simon Mutembo

BScHB (Human Biology)
MBcHB Medicine and General Surgery

Dr. Mutembo is a medical doctor working as a Clinical Care Specialist for the Southern Province with the Ministry of Health in Livingstone, Zambia. His responsibilities include implementing policy guidelines, systems, and strategies in order to ensure the provision of quality clinical care and diagnostic services in government and non-government health institutions.

As part of his fellowship year, he will study HIV/AIDS prevention and hopes to gain skills to conduct research and to implement evidence based HIV control strategies.

Stella Hachaturyan

Diploma History

Ms. Hachaturyan is an AIDS Prevention Program Coordinator for The National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat. She is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of program activities including monitoring and evlauation, fieldwork, and training for programs working with urban and rural youth across Turkmenistan.

Together with the HIV/AIDS team, she has developed and implemented a 3 stage system of peer education with youth. Her team has also developed information education materials for peer-educators and target groups (9 hour circle session modules for peer educators in schools).

She will use her fellowship to increase her knowledge of HIV/AIDS policy and prevention, management, and educational programs.

Than Naing Oo


Dr. Oo is a Health and Nutrition Field Officer for UNICEF in Yangon, Burma. He provides technical assistance and facilitates coordination with the government and non-governmental partners. He plans to use his fellowship year to study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention and to improve his leadership, management, and advocacy skills.

His post-fellowship goals include establishing an independent non-government organization for HIV/AIDS care offering anti-retroviral therapy.

Zhuo-hui Deng

Master of Medicine in Statistics and Epidemiology in Public Health
Bachelor of Medicine

Dr. Deng is the Deputy Director and Professor at the Institute of Parasitic Disease Control at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Guangdong Province, China. She is responsible for development of a technical protocol of parasitic control carrying out surveillance, epidemiology investigations, health education, and technical training for the Guangdong Province.

She will use her Humphrey Fellowship to study public health policy focusing on emergency response management and health education and behavior promotion.