2009-2010 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

Masters of Education
Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Mr. Adohinzin is a Research Coordinator for Population Council at the Accra, Ghana office. He is responsible for assessing, evaluating, and providing advocacy for HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs. He also provides technical guidance to the Female Genital Mutilation program and is a member of the Benin Consultative Council on Human Rights.

He intends to focus his Humphrey program on increasing his knowledge and skills in HIV/AIDS policy and prevention with a focus on behavior change communication strategies, project evaluation, and management.

Diploma in Oral Health
WHO Diploma in Public Health

Dr. Ahmad is the Chief of the Non-Communicable Diseases Section of the Ministry of Health in Damascus, Syria. She also directs the International Health Regulation of Syria and works to improve the country’s public health surveillance system and rapid response system.

She hopes to use the Humphrey Fellowship to increase her knowledge in the field of public health policy, management, prevention, and international health regulation.

M.B., B.Ch. Medicine
Master of Science in Clinical and Chemical Pathology
Fellowship in Blood Transfusion Medicine

Dr. Hassanein is the Head of the Blood Issuing Department for the National Blood Transfusion Service in Egypt. She has previously worked as a lecturer and trainer for the WHO Health Quality management training and completed a fellowship in blood transfusion medicine.

Her main areas of interest for her Humphrey Fellowship are in public health policy and management and increasing her knowledge of blood donor screening, serologic testing, and transfusion practices.

Doctor of Medicine
Certificate in Dermatology-Venerology

Dr. Kassi is a Dermatologist and Skin Surgeon at the Teaching Hospital of Treichville. He is particularly concerned about Buruli ulcers and the social, economic, and physical impact on vulnerable people, farmers and youth.

During his Humphrey Fellowship he hopes to increase his knowledge of Buruli ulcer control and care and acquire new skills in public health policy and management. Upon returning to Côte D’Ivoire he plans to train health staff members on Buruli ulcer care and develop public health awareness and advocacy campaigns.

PhD in Neurophysiology

Ms. Kiriazova is an Associate Professor of Pedagogics and Psychology at the Odessa Regional Institute of Teachers Retraining and works with the Coordination Council on HIV/AIDS. In addition to giving lectures and training courses on health education and HIV prevention she also coordinates prevention policy programs in the Odessa region and the implementation of preventive programs in schools.

During her Humphrey Program she will focus on HIV/AIDS policy and prevention and on increasing her skills in policy-making, strategic planning, preventive education, and monitoring and evaluation.

Post Graduate Degree in Quality Management of Pharmaceuticals
Masters of Science in Biomedical Technology

Mr. Koura is a Quality Assurance Engineer for the National Blood Transfusion Center of Togo. He is working to increase the safety and quality of blood transfusions throughout his country to increase efficiency and significantly reduce the possibility of infection through transfusion.

During his Humphrey Fellowship he will hopes to learn more about public health policy and management, social marketing, and quality management in relation to blood transfusion services.

MBBS General Medicine

Dr. Lwin is a Social Mobilization Officer for the UNAID Burma Office. He is responsible for organizing and promoting civil, religious, and government response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He is also working to develop national law to regulate the rights and access to care for those living with HIV.

He plans to use his Fellowship to increase his knowledge in HIV policy and prevention focusing on the design, development, and management of sustainable public health and HIV policies for resource limited countries.

M.Ed. Health Education

Ms. Shrestha is a Program Manager for Women Acting Together for Change in Kathmandu, Nepal. She manages primary health care programs, comprehensive HIV/AIDS services, and women’s empowerment programs. In 2006 she was awarded the “Woman of the Year” award by Soroptimist International for her dedication to the poor and marginalized.

She will focus her Humphrey Program on developing her skills in behavioral change communication and in the development, management, and implementation of HIV/AIDS and STD prevention and care programs.

MBBS Medicine

Dr. Win is a self-employed General Practitioner and Joint Secretary of the organizing committee for the Myanmar Medical Association. He conducts lectures for continuing medical education programs and leads projects on the management of STD and reproductive health projects for which he was honored with “Best Practices of the General Practitioner Society” award in 2007.

He plans to concentrate on HIV/AIDS public health policy, management, and leadership and community home based care during his Humphrey Program. Upon returning home he hopes to implement a new HIV/AIDS policy protecting patients’ rights and introduce an HIV/AIDS home based care program to be run by private general practitioners.