2007-2008 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows


Abalo Komi Abalo

License in English Language; Degree in Business Law; License in Sociology

Mr. Abalo is the Executive Director of Espoir Vie-Togo, a NGO specialized in HIV/AIDS. Espoir Vie is one of the most important HIV/AIDS non-governmental organizations in Togo in terms of the number of patients treated, as well as the number of orphans who benefit from their services. Mr. Abalo’s primary interest is the care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS, although he also has post graduate training in Business Law, Sociology, and Language. His interests for the Humphrey Fellowship year are HIV/AIDS policy and prevention, management, social marketing, health economy, budgeting, and fund raising.



Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Avramescu is an experienced health professional with a medical degree. She works at the Individual Health Center, providing and supervising the provision of prophylactic and preventive health services, primary health care services, basic lab tests, emergency coverage, hygiene education, counseling and training. She has just completed a degree in sociology/psychology in order to better understand and aid persons not only with physical problems, but also with psychological, social, and mental health problems. She has also been accredited to provide adult training and education. She would like to begin an educational program for adults and children and see a reduction of AIDS in Romania. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, Dr. Avramescu will study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention with an emphasis on policy.

hlabano Boniface Hlabano


BA English and Communication Studies; BA Social Behavior Studies in HIV/AIDS

Mr. Hlabano is the Director of Matabeleland AIDS Council in Zimbabwe and as such has management and administrative responsibilities. He has just completed a BA in Social Behavior Studies in HIV/AIDS with the University of South Africa. Mr. Hlabano’s interests for the Humphrey Fellowship year are HIV prevention strategies, focused on behavior change communication, voluntary counseling and testing, and prevention of mother to child transmission. He hopes to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to design and implement programs and policies in HIV prevention for Zimbabwe.

Jokic Ana Jokic


Doctor of Medicine; Specialist in Pediatrics

Dr. Jokic is a pediatrician in primary health care, where she has responsibilities for approximately 1,800 children. She provides regular check-ups for healthy children as well as examinations and treatment of sick children, counseling for newborns and infants, vaccinations, and nutritional counseling. Her interests for the Humphrey Fellowship include nutritional counseling and dietary regimens for children with chronic illnesses. She plans to start a nutrition counseling office in the next five years.

Sandra Sandra Knight


Doctor of Medicine; Master of Public Health

Dr. Knight is the Medical Director at the health clinic in the Department of Community Health and Psychiatry at the University of the West Indies, Mona. She evaluates and treats patients, manages staff, and supervises medical students and residents. Dr. Knight is very interested in the prevention and early detection of chronic and infectious illnesses and cancer. She hopes to increase her knowledge of health promotion, disease prevention, planning, and policy while participating in the Humphrey Fellowship.

mujoro Jejameije Mujoro


Masters of Public Administration; BA Administration; Diploma in Education

Ms. Mujoro is the Project Manager of the Mapilelo Project in the Caprivi Region of Namibia as well as the Managing Director for JKM Consultancy. She does training and assessment of HIV, PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission), HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy), adherence, and psychosocial support programs across the country. During her Humphrey Fellowship, Ms. Mujoro is interested in learning more about psychosocial therapy, monitoring and evaluation, and community mobilization in order to develop and implement a psychosocial support program for children with HIV on HAART.




Dr. Ohn is the Program Manager of the Nutrition Program for Save the Children. She develops Child Rights based programs and focuses on behavior change training for the community. Her main areas of interests include nutrition, micronutrient deficiency, project design, and monitoring and evaluating dietary and nutrition programs. In the next five years, Dr. Ohn hopes to influence policy in her country through the development of nutrition based poverty alleviation programs and provide better training for her managers and staff.

shawngKum Shawng


B.Sc (Hons); M.Sc Zoology

Mr. Shawng is the Director of the Healing Ministry Committee for Kachin Baptist Convention. He plans programs and writes proposals for HIV/AIDS, primary health care, and gender awareness projects. He also conducts training programs for community health workers, HIV/AIDS care and counseling, gender awareness, and first aid. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he will focus on HIV/AIDS policy and prevention, mental health, and health policy and management. Mr. Shawng hopes to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in Burma as well as promote healthy conditions for children and women.

Trippaya Thippayawan Thanapaisal


BS Science (Genetics); Master of Science (Genetics); Master of Science (Management and Strategic Information Systems)

Ms. Thanapaisal is the Policy Researcher for the Emerging Infectious Diseases Program at the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. She has extensive research and knowledge of Avian Influenza and Influenza pandemic preparedness, working on national and international policy and preparedness. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, Ms. Thanapaisal will study technology policy and management, focusing on pandemic vaccine policy and preparedness plans.

DANNI XIANG Irina Tsareva


Diplomas in Linguistics, Management, Economics, and Political Science

Mrs. Tsareva is the Deputy Doctor in Chief in Management and Marketing for Saratov Regional Ophthalmology Hospital. She develops and implements marketing programs as well as various aspects of management. She has served as an advisor to the Governor of her region on health issues while founding the Saratov Center for Women’s Business Development. During her Humphrey Fellowship at Emory, Mrs. Tsareva will study the management of a medical institution.



Doctor of Medicine Dr. Volik is the Peer Education Coordinator for the non-profit non-government organization Center for Social Development and Information (PSI/Russia). He conducts HIV/AIDS training and design for peer education, seminars for public institutions, and communication with government institutions. He has hands-on clinical experience working with IDUs and hepatitis patients, although his main interest is AIDS prevention education. He will study HIV/AIDS prevention, peer education, social research and study design during his Humphrey Fellowship year.



Doctor of Medicine; Pediatrics

Dr. Vu is the Technical Manager for the Academy for Educational Development. He works to manage HIV/AIDS in the workplace and helps advocate policies to ensure human rights protection. He supports his government to build capacity for officers to manage HIV/AIDS in workplaces, in rehabilitation centers and in communities. Dr. Vu has also worked with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Reduction (PEPFAR) on prevention, care, support and treatment. He also implements projects funded by private sectors to support women and children who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, Dr. Vu will study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention, the social health and economic impacts, as well as health policy and management.



Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Zelothe is the Assistant Medical Officer for the College of African Wildlife Management MWEKA. He is responsible for the medical treatment of the staff, family members of the staff, students, and community around the College. He also advises the College management on HIV/AIDS policy and practice. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, Dr. Zelothe will study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention in order to strengthen his review and implementation of the College’s HIV/AIDS policy.