2006-2007 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows


2006-2007 Humphrey Fellows

Loide Tangeni Mwatala Amkongo Photo Loide Tangeni Mwatala Amkongo

Bachelor of Nursing Science, MPH

Loide Amkongo is a registered nurse with a MPH degree. She has worked for the past seven years as a health officer for the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture. Her work has been primarily with youth in the arena of counseling and empowerment with life skills. Her recent employment entails coordination of the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS program for the Ministry of Health. Prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and maternal and child health services will continue to be a major focus during Ms. Amkongo's fellowship. She would like to explore development of HIV prevention policies and programs directed at youth and mothers. Leadership and empowerment of health care workers, health communications and international program management are also of interest. She would like to promote home care not only to provide more personal services, but to help bring the family constellation closer together.

Mir Omar Atefi Photo Mir Omar Atefi


MD – Curative Medicine, Certificate in Leadership and Management

Dr. Atefi has worked in the Ministry of Health since completing his medical training. Currently he is the Acting Director General of the Administration Unit, with responsibilities for health financing, budgeting, logistics and medical supplies, as well as non medical supplies, health insurance, and information technology. During Dr. Atefi’s Humphrey Fellowship year, he wishes to strengthen his administrative abilities, learn more about problem solving, epidemiology and data analysis, and the control of diseases both communicable, as well as non-communicable, such as reducing maternal and infant mortality.

Thandeka Gugu Gcaba Photo Thandeka Gugu Gcaba

South Africa

Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours

Ms. Gcaba has worked for the Human Health Development Trust, an NGO, since 1997 and for the past three years as Chief Executive Officer. They are a key NGO working on HIV/AIDS. Financing comes from the Department of Health for which they fund community based organizations in advocacy concerning HIV/AIDS. Ms. Gcaba’s interests are in the policy development and prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs, stressing safe sexual behavior among high risk groups. In addition to courses on public policy development and implementation, HIV/AIDS and STD prevention programs, she will also have experiences in the areas of behavioral studies related to HIV/AIDS and STDs and appropriate treatment programs in mobilizing community based non governmental organizations.

Ghada Bsiki Photo Ghada Bsiki


Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Bsiki has worked in the Ministry of Health for 15 years in various management positions. For the past six years, she has been the director of the Central Nursing School (CNS). CNS has a diploma nursing program and three specialty programs (critical care nursing – community nursing – pediatric nursing) which currently has an enrollment of 650 students. CNS is the leading nursing school among the 12 other nursing schools in Syria. Dr. Bsiki’s interests during the Humphrey year are to improve her management skills and to become familiar with the development of courses in nursing and management of medical and health institutions. Additionally, since she has recently been appointed as the coordinator of contacts of international organizations, she wishes to further develop her communication skills.

Hou Tiejun Photo Hou Tiejun

P.R. China

Bachelor of Medicine – Public Health, Masters in Epidemiology

Dr. Tiejun is the Chief of the Planned Immunity Section in the Xi’an Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He has had experience working on primarily infectious diseases and has had an exposure to a short course on cancer prevention. His interests include improvement of his knowledge of the control and prevention of infectious diseases, learn more about surveillance, vaccinology, research methods, and management. He also wishes to become familiar with the management style at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outcome from his Humphrey Fellowship year will be invaluable to him in improving the control and prevention of disease when he returns to his previous position.

Samir Kumar Howlader Photo Samir Kumar Howlader


M.B.B.S., M.P.H.

Dr. Howlader is the Coordinator of a NGO, Confidential Approach to AIDS Prevention. This NGO works on control and prevention of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis including care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS. His interests during the Fellowship year are to learn as much as he can about control and prevention of infectious diseases with specific emphasis on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis which are major problems in his country. Dr. Howlader is also interested in learning about management, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and implementation of control and prevention measures.

Rustom Jafari Photo Rustom Jafari


MD, High Studies in Families Medicine, Diploma in Public Health, Boards in Community Medicine (Future)

Dr. Jafari practiced clinical medicine for 18 years then completed the course work for his Master in Family Medicine degree. During this time he became interested in environmental health and is now working in this specialty within the Ministry of Health. He is concerned about the adverse impact of the environment upon health. During his Humphrey Fellowship year he wishes to become proficient in developing environmental health impact assessments and to be able to revise the environmental health studies and program within his country. His concerns are in all aspects of the environment and he wishes to continue to be an administrator in these areas.

Ngozi Diana Ekundayo Kennedy PhotoNgozi Diana Ekundayo Kennedy

Sierra Leone


Dr. Kennedy is committed to working in pediatrics in her country and is greatly concerned about the significant problems with diseases of infants and children. Her specific interests are in malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Dr. Kennedy would like to improve her knowledge in epidemiology, data collection, and statistical analysis, computers, health education, nutrition and counseling. She would like to have as much practical experience in these areas as possible.

Vincent Kodjo Maku Photo Vincent Kodjo Maku


Masters in Sociology, Masters in Population and Development

Mr. Maku has worked in various areas of social welfare and public health including immunizations, HIV/AIDS, and more recently, malaria. His current interest is in developing community mobilization for the control and prevention of malaria with emphasis on the use of impregnated bed nets. He wishes to develop a program during his Fellowship year on public health education with emphasis on community health care, behavioral sciences, and monitoring and evaluation.

Anwar Sarhan


B.S. – Occupational Therapy, M.S. – Occupational Therapy

Mr. Sarhan is an occupational therapist working in rehabilitation medicine for the Ministry of Health in the Salmaniya Medical Complex. His main area of rehabilitation is patients with neurological problems or hand injuries. He is concerned that rehabilitation services are underdeveloped in his country and he wishes to take courses in health care management including clinical audits, epidemiology, biostatistics, and leadership. He would like to have practical experiences in the areas of his interest.

Phumulani Lucky Ngema

South Africa

BS – Analytical Chemistry

Mr. Ngema is interested in environmental protection. He has worked as a laboratory analyst and pollution control officer in the Thekwini Municipality, Water and Sanitation Unit and for the past two years has been an air pollution chemical technician in the health department of the Thekwini Municipality. His responsibilities have been to monitor the air quality and relate that to environmental degradation and human health. His interests primarily deal with air pollution and its adverse affects on human health, human development, and poverty. He wishes to become better acquainted with abatement strategies. Upon his return to his South Africa, he would like to make a contribution to measures that will improve the quality of the air. During his Fellowship, he hopes to be able to study natural resources and environmental management, meeting sustainable development goals, and problem quantification through implementation of policy and management programs.

Jackson Katura Sekikubo


MBchB, U.A.C.E, U.O.L.C.E.

Dr. Sekikubo has a medical degree and a certificate in HIV/AIDS chronic care. He is a Medical Officer in Charge of the Mityana South Health Sub-District in Mubende. His interests are in the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS, therapeutic measures, home based care, the prevention of maternal to child transmission, and in community involvement. During his Fellowship, he wishes to study HIV/AIDS policy and prevention, up-to-date therapeutic programs, and how to obtain and sustain community involvement in these programs.

Katerina Spasovska


Doctor of Medicine, Masters in Epidemiology

Dr. Spasovska is a Project Coordinator for the development of HIV counseling and testing in the Health Education and Research Association, a non government organization founded in 2000. Though Macedonia still has a low prevalence rate of HIV, there are major concerns about existing and potential problems and therefore the focus is on development of voluntary counseling and testing programs followed by appropriate treatment and care. Dr. Spasovska’s interests for the Fellowship year are to take courses related to HIV/AIDS policy and development, leadership, voluntary counseling and testing, improvement of treatment programs and establishment of supportive communities in her country.

Olena Vagner



Ms. Vagner has had training in psychology and most recently has been working with the treatment team of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine, the largest HIV/AIDS assistance organization in the country. She has worked in various aspects of HIV/AIDS as a psychologist. Her interests include health policy and management, education, and therapy as related to HIV/AIDS.