2005-2006 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

2005-06 Fellows Group Photo

L to R sitting: Sefelipelo Bhebhe, Ana Elena Chevez, Ma Aye Soe, Saint Phebe Gribble, Naemi Shoopala, Naira Roland Matevosyan. L to R standing: Ruben Vrujr Jamalyan, Si-Woon Park, Malick Diene, Abdoulaye Sow, Hla Myo Kyaw, Biesse Diakaridja Soura, Gathari Ndirangu Gichuhi, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Neduzhko, Zohar Mor.


B.Sc., Home Economics Education; M.Sc., Public Health; Certificate in Systemic Counseling

Ms. Bhebhe is a Site Manager for a New Life Centre administered by Population Services International. The center offers supportive services to people living with HIV/AIDS and Ms. Bhebhe is responsible for the coordination of post HIV test support strategies. She also has worked in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare as a nutritionist and as a Public Health Officer and for World Vision International as an Area Health Coordinator. Her interests for the Humphrey Fellowship year are to learn more about monitoring and evaluation, policy, and management issues related to anti-retroviral drugs, people living with AIDS, and HIV programs in general. She would also like to study service organizations for HIV/AIDS and the relationship between nutrition and HIV/AIDS.


El Salvador
Doctor of Medicine; Master of Public Health

Dr. Chévez has a medical degree, a residency in pediatrics, and a MPH degree. She has been the manager of the National Immunization Program for seven years. During her Humphrey Fellowship year she will study developments in HIV/AIDS treatment, tuberculosis, economic evaluation models, and international program management. She would like to have an opportunity to work internationally when she completes her fellowship program, and then return to El Salvador.


Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Diene is a Medical Manager with the Department of Defense where he works on the prevention of infectious diseases with emphasis on STDs and HIV/AIDS. He also supervises the disease surveillance program. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he will study epidemiology and biostatistics, community education, and screening, counseling, and treatment for HIV/AIDS. When he returns to Senegal, he would like to become more involved in public health prevention programs.


MBChB, MMed (Ob/Gyn), Dip. SRHRA

Dr. Gichuhi has a medical degree and training in OB/GYN. He has worked as a medical specialist and honorary lecturer at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. His primary interests are in adolescent health, HIV/AIDS and STD prevention, and in reproductive health. When he returns to Kenya, he would like to help develop a center for adolescents and young adults in which they would be counseled on good health, education about HIV/AIDS, STD, and drug and alcohol abuse. He would also like to develop educational outreach programs to youth both in and out of school and continue his advocacy work on youth issues.


South Africa
Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery; Diploma in Community Health Nursing Sciences; MPH

Ms. Gribble is a Senior Scientific Officer at the University of Cape Town in the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine in the Women's Health Research Unit. Her work includes developing and managing research programs with an emphasis on reproductive health, women's health, and major public health problems in South Africa, such as HIV/AIDS. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, she will study both primary and secondary HIV/AIDS prevention, especially in adolescents. She wants to learn about voluntary counseling and testing centers and to explore adolescent prevention programs for secondary prevention and behavior change. She also is interested in women'shealth issues. When she returns to South Africa, she would like to advise policy makers concerning HIV/AIDS with an emphasis on education programs for HIV-positive adolescents to prevent transmission of HIV.


Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Jamalyan is a physician trained in pediatrics who has worked at the National Institutes of Health of Armenia and consulted with UNICEF. He most recently worked for Abt Associates Inc. as a medical specialist, where he initially trained clinicians in primary health care and disease prevention; he was then promoted to work on policy development and was responsible for a program in quality improvement for primary healthcare reforms in Armenia. His interests are to strengthen the health care system in Armenia, improve quality assurance, and develop a licensing and accreditation program for primary healthcare and prevention services. He also remains interested in clinical pediatrics.


M.B.B.S. Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Kyaw has been working in various positions in HIV/AIDS prevention at Population Services International/Myanmar since 1996. He started out as a Sales Representative distributing condoms and teaching health education sessions for those most vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS. He now manages three field project offices and three mobile video units designed to influence and change the health behavior of villagers. During his Humphrey Fellowship year Dr. Kyaw will focus on upgrading his academic knowledge about HIV/AIDS and health communications.


Doctor of General Medicine; Ph.D. (OB/GYN); Certificate in Women's Studies;
Certificate in Reproductive Healthcare Law and Ethics

Dr. Matevosyan has had a long career in working in women's health and reproductive health, most recently as a Health Advisor for a USAID program in Armenia. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, she will learn about the management of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. When she returns to Armenia, she wants to assume a position of leadership in the management of STD and HIV prevention programs.


Doctor of Medicine; Masters in Health Administration; Masters in Epidemiology (pending)

Dr. Mor works in the Ministry of Health, Public Health Service and is the Head of the Department of Tuberculosis and AIDS. His responsibilities include epidemiological investigations, surveillance, planning, program implementation, and evaluation. He has contributed to the development of TB and HIV/AIDS guidelines for prevention, detection and treatment, and education programs for the general public and medical staff. As a volunteer in the Israeli AIDS Task Force, he has provided care for immigrants as part of the Physicians for Human Rights Clinic. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he will improve his skills in public health policy and management and update his knowledge of tuberculosis, STDs, and AIDS.


Doctor of General Medicine; Certificate of Physician-Specialist (Dermatovenereology)

Dr. Neduzhko is a specialist in dermatovenerology. During the past seven years he has worked as a clinician in the Odessa Dermatovenerologic Dispensary. He also serves as the Director of Medical and Healthcare Programs for a NGO, Future Without AIDS. Dr. Neduzhko has been working on expanding public services to communities affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition, he is active in prevention training for healthcare providers, students, and teachers. The goal for Dr. Neduzhko's Humphrey Fellowship year is to increase his knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the organizational structure of professional enhancement and distance-learning programs for healthcare providers who are working on HIV/AIDS prophylaxis and treatment programs. When he returns to Ukraine, he hopes to work with research institutions, NGOs, hospitals and clinics in collaboration with other countries.


Republic of Korea
Doctor of Medicine; Master of Medical Science

Dr. Park is Chief of the Department of Stroke Rehabilitation in the National Rehabilitation Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare. He currently performs clinical activities, directs research activities in rehabilitation medicine and policy development, and teaches rehabilitation medicine for healthcare professionals in Korea. He has been instrumental in developing a day hospital program for patients with brain damage, the first such program in Korea. Dr. Park was previously a visiting scholar at Emory University's Rehabilitation Center from December 2002 to June 2003. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he will study healthcare systems for disabled persons and the elderly, and observe research on the resolution of disability and rehabilitation issues.


Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery; Bachelor of Nursing Science

Ms. Shoopala has worked for the Ministry of Health since 2000 as a HIV/AIDS counselor and trainer in the Special Disease Program at the district-level for HIV/AIDS/STI/TB and malaria. Her responsibilities include training healthcare workers in the management of patients with the above diseases, management of tuberculosis patients, and making presentations to various audiences on disease control and prevention. Ms. Shoopala helped develop a community counseling center for HIV/AIDS and was instrumental in obtaining funds and equipment for the facility. She will use the Humphrey Fellowship year to learn more about HIV/AIDS and the development of support groups, and improve her management and leadership skills. She is especially interested in developing youth education programs and programs to train clinical nurses in the care of patients with HIV/AIDS.


M.B.B.S.; Diploma in Management and Administration

Dr. Soe is a Franchising Manager working on social marketing issues concerning malaria, STDs, HIV/AIDS, TB and reproductive health for Population Services International. She has also been a volunteer counselor and has developed informational, educational, and communication materials on malaria and healthcare delivery. Her interests include improvement of access to healthcare facilities, effective communication, and NGO development. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, Dr. Soe will study policy and management and the treatment of infectious diseases with emphasis on HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.


Côte d'Ivoire
Masters in Social Psychology; Diploma of Education

Mr. Soura is the coordinator for all HIV/AIDS activities at the National Institute for Social Training, a public organization in Abidjan. He has also worked as a social psychologist and health educator in the field of HIV/AIDS and is the executive director of the Centre for Health Education Prevention and Research (CHEPAR), a local NGO that focuses on developing strategies to promote health for low-income populations. During his Humphrey Fellowship year, he will learn more about HIV/AIDS and sexuality, as well as health promotion and proposal writing to raise funds for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.


Degree of Higher Education in Biochemistry; Certificate in Biology;
Degree of Professional Education in Nutrition-Health

Mr. Sow is a lecturer and researcher at the Guinea Higher Institute for Educational Sciences and has designed and implemented workshops in HIV/AIDS prevention. He founded a group called Healthy Life Group that emphasizes HIV/AIDS prevention. He has facilitated HIV/AIDS workshops for the Peace Corps, USAID, and World Education - Guinea, as well as consulted for UNICEF and AED. During his Humphrey Fellowship year he will learn about developing HIV/AIDS prevention programs for schools in Guinea.