2004-2005 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

2004-2005 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

L to R sitting: Rose Iwueze, Patricia Rivera Scott, Wise Chauluka, Lineo Vilakazi, Margaret Akogun, Cecilia Gamboa and Krisel Lagman L to R standing: Sarwar Bari, David Aviles, Anjali Bhawra, Li Chun, Setkya Soe and Suresh Mohammed

The Rollins School of Public Health welcomes these Humphrey Fellows:


B.Sc. General and Applied Psychology; M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Ms. Akogun is a clinical psychologist at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, a major center for HIV/AIDS testing in Nigeria. She works in diagnosis, psychotherapeutic intervention, counseling, and the provision of psychological support for HIV/AIDS and mental health patients and their families. Ms. Akogun wants to introduce psychological support systems in the Nigerian healthcare system and enhance methods for training psychologists at Jos University. She will use her Humphrey year to explore support systems and psychological care for persons living with HIV/AIDS, as well as ways to strengthening the policy framework for practicing psychology.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery; MPH

Dr. Md. Sarwar Bari is a Senior Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In his nine years in public service, he has been involved with several policy studies for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the development of new tools for policy-makers and planning. He is currently involved in updating Bangladesh's National Health Policy and managing the country's public hospitals. Dr. Bari is interested in developing new public health policies for the development of Bangladesh's health system, particularly in HIV/AIDS research and prevention. He will use his Humphrey year to enhance his knowledge and skills in public policy, health policy, and HIV/AIDS prevention.


B.Sc., Physics; M.Sc. Physics; Master's Diploma in Public Administration; Master of Philosophy

As an officer with the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Ms. Bhawra works in the Department of Health and Family Welfare in Chandigarh, India as the Secretary/Special Secretary to the Government of Punjab. She is also a Managing Director at the Punjab Health Systems Corporation and a Project Director at the Punjab State AIDS Control Society. She coordinates health delivery systems at the secondary level and supervises HIV/AIDS programs in Punjab. She will use her Humphrey year to compare the roles of civil societies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in controlling HIV/AIDS in India and the U.S.


Primary Teachers Certificate; Diploma Teacher Education; Master of Fine Arts with Focus on Graphic Design and Art Education

With a background in teacher education, fine arts, and radio broadcasting, Mr. Chauluka works in behavioral change communications as a Communications Officer for the National AIDS Commission in Malawi. He plans, designs, and coordinates national behavior communication change programs, and trains stakeholders and others in behavior communications. His goal is to develop interactive behavior change strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention and create a network of local experts to apply social marketing techniques. In order to complement the initiatives already begun in Malawi, Mr. Chauluka will work with youth organizations, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, NGOs, and television and radio stations to coordinate and train partners and stakeholders in HIV/AIDS prevention.


MS Nursing

Ms. Li Chun is the Chief Manager of the Nursing Department at the Central Hospital of China National Petroleum Corporation in Langfang City, Hebei Province, China. She supervises over 300 nurses and trains nurses in continuing education and clinical research on nursing care. Ms. Li Chun will use her Humphrey year to study the American nursing education system, including management approaches, policies, and certification of nurses. Upon returning to China, Ms. Li Chun hopes to reform the Chinese nursing education system to better test, retain, and manage nurses.


Costa Rica
Licentiateship in Nutrition; MPH

Working in the Health Promotion Department at the Ministry of Public Health in Costa Rica, Ms. Gamboa plans and coordinates national public health policies, strategies, and projects. She also coordinates the Commission on Food Guidelines and works with the CARMEN-COSTA RICA project which is aimed at lowering heart disease, the leading cause of death in Costa Rica. Her main focus for her Humphrey year will be on developing technical skills in the management of public health plans, programs, and policies in nutrition and chronic disease.


El Salvador
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery; Diploma in Management of Hospitals and Health Services; Diploma in Interventions and Behavioral Change; Diploma in Voluntary Counseling and Testing

Dr. Aviles Giron is a physician at the National Academy of Public Security and the Institute of Social Security in El Salvador. He also coordinates the Health Committee and works as facilitator and counselor in the AED/USAID-sponsored Project CHANGE which focuses on reducing and preventing STIs and HIV/AIDS through behavioral change in national institutions. Dr. Aviles Giron will focus his Humphrey year on developing his skills in investigation, counseling, and management for HIV/AIDS this year. When he returns to El Salvador he plans to develop strategies and programs for STI and HIV/AIDS prevention and surveillance, to improve health care related to STIs and HIV/AIDS, and to help diminish the prevalence and morbidity of HIV/AIDS.


B.Sc./Ed. Biology/Education; M.Med.Sc. Occupational Health

Ms. Iwueze is a Principal Consultant at the Environmental Management and Occupational Health Consultancy in Kaduna, Nigeria. She coordinates occupational, environmental, and safety training and evaluation programs in organizations, communities, and industries. She collaborates with government agencies in planning and managing environmental projects, impact assessments, and awareness programs. During her year at the Rollins School, Ms. Iwueze will focus on global environmental health and its interactions with infectious diseases, especially HIV/AIDS.


B.S. Zoology; B.S. Nursing

As a member of the Philippine House of Representatives for two terms, Ms. Krisel Lagman-Luistro was involved in the crafting and passage of human development initiatives. She is a strong advocate of health and population issues and is an active member of the Philippine Legislators' Committee on Population and Human Development, an NGO comprised of progressive legislators. She was the Chairperson of the Committee on Labor and Employment and the Vice Chairperson of the Committees on Health, Women, Education, and Civil Political and Human Rights. During her Humphrey year, Ms. Lagman-Luistro will focus on the interplay between reproductive health policy, education, population, and sustainable human development.


M.B.B.S. Medicine and Surgery; Masters Degree in Police Management; Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management

Dr. Mohammed works for the Government of Karnataka, India. In his last posting, he was the Chief of the Drugs Administration in the state of Karnataka and was in charge of monitoring and regulating the quality, pricing, and distribution of medicines manufactured and sold in the state. Dr. Mohammed has worked for the Indian Government for the past twelve years in Karnataka in various positions, such as District Police Chief and Aide to the Governor of the State. His area of interest is injury and violence prevention, especially domestic violence, and he will focus on violence against women and its relationship to HIV/AIDS during his Humphrey year.


Doctor of Medicine and General Surgery; Master in Public Management with Emphasis in Health Services

As the Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor for the National STI/HIV/AIDS Program at the Ministry of Health in Honduras, Dr. Rivera Scott is involved in the design and implementation of a national monitoring and evaluation system. The system will work with the Global Fund-Honduras, UNAIDS, USAID, and other NGOs to improve access to strategic information regarding STI/HIV/AIDS. This year, Dr. Rivera Scott will strengthen her managerial skills and work on issues of national capacity building and HIV/AIDS policy formulation and implementation.


M.B., B.S.; M.Med. Sc. Preventative and Tropical Medicine

Dr. Soe is currently the Technical Service Provider for Yadanar Myay Rural Development Service, an NGO in Rangoon, Burma, where he works on HIV/AIDS control activities. He also holds advocacy meetings for local officials and stakeholders, conducts training for facilitators and community volunteers, and designs and conducts survey research on HIV prevention programs. During his Humphrey year, Dr. Soe will study behavioral change intervention, monitoring, and evaluation for HIV/AIDS prevention and work towards sustainable HIV/AIDS intervention programs and policies in Burma.


B.A. Humanities, with a Concurrent Certificate in Education; M.Ed. School Counseling; M.A. Gender and Women

Ms. Vilakazi works for the Government of Swaziland in the Ministry of Education as a Senior Guidance/Measurement Officer (Senior Counselor), where she is a focal point for gender issues, children's issues, and HIV/AIDS. She also works as a counselor and gender expert for a variety of NGOs and international organizations. While at Emory, Ms. Vilakazi will focus on children affected by HIV/AIDS, especially psychosocial support, counseling, and issues concerning the needs of orphans.