2002-2003 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

The 2002-2003 Humphrey Fellows Five Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from Africa, Asia, and Latin America arrived at Emory in August 2002 to pursue individualized curricula in public health, its policies and management, and the U.S. system of government. Weekly seminars sponsored by the Department of International Health add to the educational experience, as do cultural and community programs in which the Fellows participate.

The Rollins School of Public Health welcomes these Humphrey Fellows:

William Kofi Bosu



Epidemiology; Health Information Systems; Surveillance; Infectious Diseases

Dr. Bosu is a Public Health Specialist with the Ministry of Health in Ghana. He currently is a regional deputy director of public health services. During his Humphrey year, Dr. Bosu will focus in the epidemiology and surveillance of infectious and parasitic diseases to improve the quality of disease surveillance in his region. He also wants to develop skills in research, policy development and analysis, reproductive health, and health information systems. Dr. Bosu began his training in medicine at the University of Science and Technology and then completed a Master of Public Health from the University of Ghana. In addition, he has completed an MSc in Infectious Diseases at the University of London and Part I of the Fellowship Training Programme in Community Health at the West African Postgraduate Medical College.

Eusebio Pérez Flores

MD, Masters in Social Medicine

Health Information Systems; Chronic Disease


Dr. Pérez received his medical training at Autonomus National of Mexico University in 1976 and a Master's degree in Social Medicine in 1982. He is currently a Medical Special Programs Coordinator in the Mexican Social Security System. In Mexico, chronic kidney failure is a complex, costly, and increasingly common disease. In response to this problem, Dr. Pérez's main objective for the Humphrey year is to develop a database for the failure of chronic renal patients in the Mexican Social Security System (MSSS). In doing so, he would like to study the United States Renal Data System (USRDS), the most comprehensive database in the world for chronic kidney failure, in order to adapt it to the Mexican Social Security System. He also wishes to study the management and care of chronic diseases in general in order to improve their management in Mexico.

Alexinah Nansunga Muadinohamba


B.S., Nursing; Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery

Health Policy and Management

As a registered nurse in Namibia, Ms. Muadinohamba is presently a Nursing Sister at the Polytechnic of Namibia. She provides nursing care to the Polytechnic students. She also organizes workshops on family planning methods, HIV/AIDS and STD awareness and works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to facilitate programs on HIV/AIDS and primary health care. During her Humphrey Fellowship, Ms. Muadinohamba will develop her expertise in health policy and management to help Africa find solutions to its public health problems, specifically in health intervention strategies on HIV/AIDS, disease prevention, and health policy development.

Gordon Elisha Ogutu


BA, Sociology and Religious Studies

Health Communication in HIV/AIDS Program

In his position as a Program Officer with the Futures Group International in charge of the Nyanza Province, Mr. Ogutu coordinates effective implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project (HAPAC). This pilot project has a goal to reduce HIV transmission by improving preventive and clinical management of sexually transmitted infections in the target community, including youth. He also coordinates the Home Based Care (HBC) program implemented by 150 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in the AIDS program, caring for the infected and affected community members. He has a bachelor's degree in sociology and religious studies from Egerton University in Kenya. He has also completed certificate programs in public health at the Institute of Cultural Affairs; in youth counseling at the Family Planning Association of Kenya; in management and administration at Daystar University in Kenya; and in health communications sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, held in Kenya. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Ogutu wants to learn new skills in youth-friendly health communication principles, strategies, and research methodologies.

Chettra Ty



Public Health Policy and Management; Economics and Finance Dr. Ty is a medical doctor working as Technical Assistant to the Minister of Health (MOH) in Cambodia. He coordinates the activities of all the senior leaders of the MOH to reach consensus in directing and managing health sector activities. He received his medical training at the University of Health Science in 1991. In 1998, he completed a Master of Public Health at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Ty wants to enhance his skills in public health, especially in the area of health policy development and health financing. His goal is to help implement the new Cambodian National Health Policy which aims to offer quality and affordable health services to all its citizens. There is a current scarcity of well-trained public health officers in Cambodia, and Dr. Ty has the potential to play a key role in developing a comprehensive national public health policy.