2001-2002 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

The 2002-2003 Humphrey Fellows
The Rollins School of Public Health welcomes these Humphrey Fellows:

Godwin Etim Asuquo


MA, Applied Population Research

Integrated family planning; STD-HIV/AIDS programs; Safe Motherhood programs

Since 1997, Mr. Godwin Asuquo has served as the Primary Health Care Coordinator/Nurse Educator for the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Additionally, he is coordinating the BSC Nursing Administration/MBA Health Management Program of Imo State University in the Federal Capital. Mr. Asuquo intends to spend his fellowship year updating his knowledge of integrated family planning, HIV/AIDS, and safe motherhood programs. Upon his return to Nigeria, he wants to be able to complete the curriculum review for the community nurse training and assist in the development of results-oriented community-based HIV/AIDS intervention programs. Mr. Asuquo holds a nursing certificate from the School of Nursing in Eket, Nigeria, a public health nursing education diploma from the University of Lagos, a BSc Health & Physical Education degree from the University of Calabar and a Master's degree from the University of Exeter, UK, in Population Research.

Vaida Bankauskaite



Health policy; health care management

Dr. Vaida Bankauskaite is a lecturer at the Kaunas University of Medicine. She has medical and doctoral degrees from Kaunas University of Medicine and a Master of Public Health from the Nordic School of Public Health in Sweden. During her Humphrey year, Dr. Bankauskaite wants to gain skills and knowledge in the area of health policy and its legislation, to understand the process of decision making related to health policy and to acquire skills to manage and evaluate health policy strategies. Her overall goal is to effectively contribute to the management and implementation of health care reform in Lithuania.

Nadia Abdel Whab El-afify


MD, Master in Medicine

Health care for the elderly; empowerment of women

For the past 16 years, Dr. El Afify has worked at Palestine Hospital in Cairo, Egypt. In 1994, she was a pioneer in establishing the first long term care unit for the elderly in a general hospital. She has been the Director of this geriatrics unit since its establishment. During her Humphrey Fellowship, Dr. El Afify intends to enhance her skills in the areas of project evaluation, staff training, strengthening the support system for the elderly, and the development of effective preventive health screening and care programs. She has a medical degree from Cairo University and a Master's degree in internal medicine from Ein Shams University.

Sabina Lyson



Health policy development; Public health administration

Ms. Sabina Lyson is Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Health in Warsaw. In this position, she is instrumental in the realization of some health proposals set in place by the Ministry of Health of Poland. Recently, she has been working with the World Health Organization. She has a Master of Science in Sociology and she graduated from the Postgraduate School of Public Health at Jagiellonian University. She wants to broaden her knowledge in health policy, public health administration, and health promotion. She hopes that the Humphrey year will expose her to the methodology for setting priorities and establishing essential health programs so she will be able to develop her own health policy project in Poland for the 5 years following her return.

Ülla-Karin Nurm



Health policy and management; health promotion

Dr. Ülla-Karin Nurm is a physician from Estonia having received her degree from Tartu University. With a specialty in pediatrics, Dr. Nurm is currently working as a Program Manager for the Estonian Centre for Health Education and Promotion. She is also heading up the Estonian National Healthy Cities Network where her work involves initiating team work, capacity building, encouraging initiative, planning and establishing goals, working out methods and designing projects. Dr. Nurm's interest for the Humphrey year is in the area of health policy and management, health behavior, and community-based planning, action and evaluation. As part of her Humphrey experience, Dr. Nurm also wants to strengthen her advocacy and leadership skills.

Aboh Onmakpo Otokpa



Public health policy

Dr. Aboh Otokpa is the principal medical officer at the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria. After practicing curative medicine for 17 years, Dr. Otokpa wants to use his Humphrey Fellowship year to gain training in public health policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. He is especially interested in the prevention, control, and possible elimination of malaria, which constitutes a major health, economic, and social burden to Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Dr. Otokpa received his MBBS from the University of Jos and is currently pursuing his Master of Public Health degree from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.

M. Samer Rastam



Epidemiology; screening programs for cancer; pathology

Dr. Mohamed Samer Rastam is an assistant professor at Aleppo University in Syria and a member of the Syrian Cancer Society. Dr. Rastam's main area of interest is cancer epidemiology. During his fellowship year, he wants to gain the necessary expertise to conduct epidemiological studies of the prevalence of different types of cancer in Syria. Dr. Rastam's goal is to develop a collaborative network with professionals at the American Cancer Society who can help him establish an appropriate surveillance system for Syria. Dr. Rastam received his medical degree in 1985 from Aleppo University and his PhD in pathology from Russia Medical University in 1994.

Khynn Win Win Soe



Reproductive health; public health policy and management

Dr. Khynn Win Win Soe is a Reproductive Health Specialist with Save the Children/US in Burma. She received her MBBS from the Institute of Medicine in Yangon and she has certificate training in Management and Administration and Family Planning Training. Dr. Soe plans to use her Humphrey Fellowship year to enhance her skills in order to develop, implement, and evaluate a suitable and replicable reproductive health program and to improve reproductive health services and accessibility at the community level. Additionally, she seeks training in health education to assist policy makers in implementing activities designed to enhance caring practices and health seeking behaviors at the family, community, and health system levels.

Sridhar Srikantiah


MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

Epidemiology; communicable diseases

Dr. Sridhar Srikantiah is a community health researcher with ARCH, a nongovernmental organization in Gujarat, India. Through ARCH, and a number of other voluntary organizations in India, he has tried to initiate alternative approaches to health care that are more comprehensive and effective. Dr. Sridhar's goals for his Humphrey year are to enhance his training in epidemiology and research methods to help pursue and advocate for evidence-based health care programs and policies for the less privileged in both rural and urban areas. Dr. Sridhar received his MBBS in 1982 and his MD with a specialty in pediatrics from the Medical College at the MS University in Baroda.

Xiaojun Wang

P.R. China


Public health policy and management; epidemiology

In her position as Manager of the Expanded Program on Immunization at the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Dr. Xiaojun Wang is responsible for the evaluation and surveillance of immunization services and the development of a long-term plan for immunization. She has a medical degree from Shanghai Medical University and a Master of Public Health degree from the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Wang wants to use her Humphrey year to focus on developing her skills and expanding her knowledge of health policy, in order to make good use of resources. Specifically, she wants to play a significant role in helping to improve health services and in making these services equally accessible and affordable to the general population.