Lindsey Torre



 Surveillance and Health Services Research, American Cancer Society

“Before coming to Rollins, I worked in international HIV prevention and reproductive health program implementation. I loved seeing our projects in action and the impact they were having. I enjoyed figuring out what worked and what didn't.

I became interested in global health research and how the evidence for public health programs is developed. So, I decided to study global epidemiology at Rollins. I loved my time at Rollins, where I had the freedom to pursue the health topics that interested me most. I also loved how the professors—in spite of being busy experts conducting their own research—always had time and interest in teaching and mentoring students. 

I chose to concentrate on developing a variety of epidemiologic skills at Rollins, which have come in handy in my current position. I work in global cancer surveillance research at the American Cancer Society. In this position, I conduct research and write articles for peer-reviewed journals as well as books, reports, and other publications for a variety of audiences from cancer researchers to advocates and the general public.

Rollins gave me a great understanding of epidemiology with an emphasis on being able to communicate the meaning and importance of my research, which is indispensable for my work. Each project I work on is different, and I often find myself using the methods I learned at Rollins. I'm very thankful for the strong foundations I gained at Rollins, because it allows me a lot of versatility in the projects I choose.”