Elizabeth Sprouse

Elizabeth Sprouse

Track: Applied Public Health Informatics

What is your professional background and where do you currently work?

I have more than 15 years of communications experience, about 7 of those in health care and health care IT at Emory Healthcare. This led to a grand opportunity to move into my current role as Emory Healthcare's senior patient portal and informatics program manager in our Office of Quality under our Chief Medical Information Officer.

Why did you enroll in the EMPH program?

I received my current opportunity in informatics at Emory Healthcare through focused hard work for several years; however, the opportunity came in advance of formal education. I quickly realized that I needed the EMPH program to be everything I hope I can be when it comes to health informatics and improving the lives of others.

Since you have enrolled, what is the most valuable skill you have learned in the EMPH program?

Everything I learn in this program I can immediately apply at work the next day -- and often wonder how I've gotten by without the knowledge! If I had to pick one skill, I think I would select the ability to analyze health care challenges with a systems perspective.

What is the title of your practicum or intended practicum?

Physical activity wearables best-in-class assessment and lifestyle modification algorithm for American College of Sports Medicine.

What are your potential topics/titles for your Thesis?

Not sure yet

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to enrollment?

As with a lot of "firsts" in life, the first semester is daunting. Stay the course and just keep on going! You'll be a rock star come second term.