Deborah Kupferwasser

Deborah Kupferwasser

Track: Applied Epidemiology

What is your professional background and where do you currently work?

Basic research in Infectious Diseases (Microbiology). I am currently a intern at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the department of Hospital Epidemiology.

Why did you enroll in the EMPH program?

I am in the process of a career transition from basic research into the public health field and I wanted to acquire a new set of skills to help with this transition.

Since you have enrolled, what is the most valuable skill you have learned in the EMPH program?

The most valuable skill (s) I have learned in the EMPH program are: SAS, using technology to help with group projects remotely.

What is the title of your practicum or intended practicum?

A New Era In Patient Centered Clinical Research: Remote Tele-Medicine.

What are your potential topics/titles for your Thesis?

Not sure at this time.

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to enrollment?

Try to learn as much SAS as you can before class starts.