David Bayne

David Bayne

Track: Prevention Science

What is your professional background and where do you currently work?

I worked for the Georgia State Senate as an analyst for the Senate Health Appropriations Subcommittee for five years, before starting with the Department of Public Health. I have been with DPH for the past five years, first as the Deputy Director of Government Relations, and then as the Director, a position I have held for the last four years.

Why did you enroll in the EMPH program?

I wanted to develop a sound academic understanding of public health in addition to my previous professional experience, and I wanted to gain this in a well-respected program that was flexible enough to allow me to continue working full-time. The EMPH program at Emory fit this criteria perfectly.

Since you have enrolled, what is the most valuable skill you have learned in the EMPH program?

I think the concept that Public Health is built on a multi-disciplinary foundation - qualitative AND quantitative analysis, surveillance AND intervention, policy AND evaluation - has been incredibly valuable. It provides a framework that allows me to get value and meaning from each of my courses.

What is the title of your practicum or intended practicum?

I'm considering doing a practicum at the Georgia Dept of Public Health, either with the Early Brain Development program or with the Medicaid Policy unit.

What are your potential topics/titles for your Thesis?

One potential topic I'm considering is researching the role of public health policy in urban development.

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to enrollment?

While the course work can be challenging it is not impossible; poor time management will add a lot of a stress however. Getting organized - making a game plan for the semester in terms of recording deadlines and setting up personal due dates - is probably the best advice I wish I had known before starting the program.