Jimica Tchamako Djonkam

Jimica Tchamako Djonkam

Track: Applied Public Health Informatics

What is your professional background and where do you currently work?

My professional background is in Management Consulting for Healthcare Operations and Systems AND Business Analysis for Public Health Informatics. I am currently a Senior Business Analyst with the Public Health Informatics Institute at the Task Force for Global Health.

Why did you enroll in the EMPH program?

Interested in a more in-depth understanding of Informatics in Public Health and how to better build informatics capabilities in low resource settings and to build my professional network.

Since you have enrolled, what is the most valuable skill you have learned in the EMPH program?

The importance of growing professional relationships in public health.

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to enrollment?

I believe the best advice that I was given was regarding the need to prioritize, organize, and balance my daily schedule with adding in graduate work. I heard it from others in the program but didn't really "take it in" per se and given current job responsibilities and my personal life - I had to quickly adapt - because the program can be very time consuming.