Meet: Tory Troeger

Environmental health student Tory Troeger

Program and year: 2nd year, MSPH in Environmental Health and Epidemiology

Undergraduate university and major: Tulane University; Biology
Minors: in Public Health and Marine Biology

Before coming to Rollins: I worked in a bread factory and an ER (but not at the same time) as well as conducted research on traumatic brain injuries and coagulopathy.

Why I chose Rollins: It is a great school for public health, located in the public health center of the country, right next to the CDC. It seemed like a no-brainer!

Why I chose EH: In college, my research and laboratory background always had an environmental health focus. I studied the effect of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on blue crab population health and carried out a thesis on the spread of disease among corals. I then went on to conduct clinical research and work with human populations after graduating; I wanted to combine my passion for the environment with my interest in human health as a graduate student.

Research interests: Toxicology, environmental contamination, spatial analysis

Career goals: As a child, I always wanted to work in a really cool science laboratory like the ones James Bond villains work in, but now I will settle for a decent health and retirement plan.

Three favorite things about Rollins:

  1. Great career services and networking opportunities.
  2. The CDC is right next door (and I got to work there!).
  3. The wide diversity of students.

Favorite classes: Human toxicology, Neurotoxicology, GIS, and Biostatistics

Clubs and extracurriculars: I am the treasurer of the Rollins Environmental Health Action Coalition, a member of the Global Peer network, and go to Metropolitan Atlanta Beekeeping Association meetings and events. I also signed up for a career mentor and played intramural kickball during the summer.

Advice for prospective students: There are so many opportunities here. Don’t get overwhelmed, and take advantage of them! Don’t worry about asking for help, and try to enjoy the ride!

My favorite thing about Atlanta is: For a big city, it has a lot of trees.

Anything else you’d like to add that would be helpful for prospective applicants?: Don’t be afraid to pursue what you want, don’t lose sight of your goals or passions, and don’t compare yourself to anything other than your own expectations for yourself.