Meet: Sereineat Nath

Sereineat Nath

Program and year: 1st year, MPH in Environmental Health

Undergraduate university and major: University of Health Sciences, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Before coming to Rollins: I went to medical school (University of Health Sciences, in Phnom Penh), where I spent a tremendous amount of time doing internship rotations in different departments at hospitals. I also participated in a lot of medical missions with the rural population in Cambodia. My duty was providing vaccinations to children, and consulting with elderly people as well as promoting a healthy environment. From those experiences, I realized that a lot of rural populations were lacking access to health care. They are living in an unhealthy environment where there is no clean water and no adequate education about sanitation and hygiene. That was the main reason why I decided to pursue a degree in environmental health and focus on water sanitation and hygiene.

Why I chose Rollins: I choose Rollins because I believe in its reputation and the connection it has with other researchers and organizations. Rollins has great professors and faculty members who are always there to answer any questions you have. There are a variety of classes you can choose to take, and those classes are awesome. Besides the classes, Rollins and Emory itself always have events going on around campus where students can relax from their studies and have fun, and meet with people from different countries around the globe. Students can also take their time and explore beautiful Atlanta.

Favorite classes: Biostatistics and epidemiology. I have learned to think critically and analyze things from these classes.

Advice for prospective students: My advice for prospective applicants is to set your goals and go for it.

My favorite thing about Atlanta is: The weather! It might sound crazy to some people, but for me, since I come from a tropical country, the weather here is good for me. It can get hot in summer, but it is not too cold in winter.