Meet: Hannah McTier

Hannah McTier

Program and year: 1st year, MPH in Global Environmental Health

Undergraduate university and major: Berry College in Rome, Georgia; Majored in Exercise Science
Minors: in Biology and Spanish

Before coming to Rollins: I came to Rollins straight from undergrad. Sometimes, I wish I had taken a year off to work somewhere and get more experience, but I am glad I came to Rollins.

Why I chose Rollins: They offer a wide range of topics to study, but still allow you to become involved in specific subjects. Staff and professors can be found studying almost anything you can think of. For someone who did not know what to do with her life, the variety was very appealing. Plus, I am from Georgia and I did not want to move to another state to attend school.

Why I chose EH: I grew up on a farm and love nature. I know how truly vital a healthy environment is to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to have the chance to study that.

Research interests: Agriculture, food scarcity/deserts, community/urban gardening, urban green space, healthy eating/lifestyles, organic farming, rural vs. urban farmers

Career goals: I'm not sure. I would like to work with local farmers to solve climate change problems affecting their crops, inspire others to get involved in agriculture, and help push the change from big ag to organic.

Three favorite things about Rollins:

  1. The buildings and space itself are wonderful to me. I can choose to be alone, in a quiet area, surrounded by others, etc.
  2. I love that the EH department has its own kitchen where I can work and keep my food/eat.
  3. I love the diversity of the student body and everyone's willingness to help others.

Favorite classes: Seminar on Sustainability, Health Impacts of Climate Change

Clubs and extracurriculars: Intramural sports, adult soccer league in Atlanta with other Rollins students

Advice for prospective students: If you are unsure of what you hope to study or concentrate in, then choose Rollins. You will have almost every possible option put in front of you to choose from.

My favorite thing about Atlanta is: Food!

Anything else you’d like to add that would be helpful for prospective applicants?: Start on your application early, be sure to visit the campus, and start looking for apartments early if you decide to move here!