Meet: Allison Bay

Rollins environmental health student Allison Bay

Program and year: 1st Year, MPH in Global Environmental Health

Undergraduate university and major: Baldwin-Wallace University; Neuroscience and Psychology

Before coming to Rollins: U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, 2013-2015

Why I chose Rollins: I liked its proximity to many public health organizations, the REAL program opportunity, and the fact that it is a renowned program

Why I chose EH: Gain technical skills; interested in environment in a global context

Research interests: Socio-contextual determinants of health, opioid abuse in rural areas, health disparities, environmental justice

Career goals: Work to improve the health of vulnerable and underserved populations

Three favorite things about Rollins:
1. Wide variety of classes
2. Useful methods courses and skills-based learning opportunities
3. Environment of inclusion and academic excellence

Favorite classes: Global Health Challenges and Opportunities, Environmental Hazards

Clubs and extracurriculars: Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers organization, graduate research assistant at Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, Socio-Contextual Determinants of Health certificate program, Humanitarian Emergencies Research Team, certified yoga instructor, hiking Stone Mountain with my wonderful dog

Advice for prospective students: Take methods classes. Use this experience as the professional degree it is meant to be. Gain skills and experiences.

My favorite thing about Atlanta is: There are many beautiful parks, diverse people, and opportunities for community involvement.

Anything else you’d like to add that would be helpful for prospective applicants?: This experience is what you make it. You will get out what you are willing to put in. Ask for help if you need it. Stay caught up. Do the readings. Make time to exercise.