Environmental Health - Interest Areas

Air Pollution

The link between the air we breathe and human health affects millions globally, placing urban air quality as a leading contributor to the global burden of disease.  Research in the Department of Environmental Health is built around advanced exposure science, atmospheric modelling, and state-of-the science epidemiological approaches for measuring exposure and estimating human health risk associated with air pollution.

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Climate Change

Climate Change is one of this century’s greatest challenges and is likely to have dramatic impacts on human health and the environment. EH Department faculty and students are contributing critical insight to understanding the public health consequences of climate change. 

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Infectious Disease Ecology

Global environmental change is increasingly disturbing patterns of infectious disease distribution. Faculty in the EH Department are on the forefront of understanding the role the environment plays on infectious diseases affecting human health.  

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Beginning at conception and continuing as we age, exposure to environmental chemicals can significantly influence numerous health outcomes, including risk for neurological disease, obesity, diabetes, and reproductive success. Researchers in the Department of Environmental Health are committed to further clarifying these risk factors using molecular, analytical, and population based approaches.

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Basic sanitation facilities, clean water supplies, and hygienic behaviors are foundations of public health. EH Department faculty and students are participating in cutting edge research, education and programs in the field. 

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Many students within the Environmental Health Department have expressed an interest in the intersection between food and health. Food impacts the health of both humans and the environment. Although there are many reasons why humans choose their diets, often the lack of resources prevents them from making healthy choices. Students are exploring the public health implications of industrial agriculture versus sustainable agriculture and the health impacts of pesticides.

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