Michael Quinn Patton, Ph.D.

The 1996 DeHaan Lecture was given by
Michael Quinn Patton, Ph.D.

Opening Remarks by

Dr. Joan Herold
Associate Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education
Michael Patton

February 27, 1996
Rollins School of Public Health

Michael Quinn Patton founded, owns, and directs an organizational development consulting business: Utilization-Focused Information and Training. He is also a professor with the Union Institute Graduate School. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Patton received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin.

Widely known for five major books on evaluation, including Qualitative/Evaluation and Research Methods, Patton's skills include work in futuring, program evaluation, strategic planning, policy analysis, communications, group facilitation, organizational development, management consulting, lifelong learning, and system analysis. His experiences include projects in evaluation, health, criminal justice, agriculture, energy conservation, community development, corporate planning, human services, poverty programs, leadership development, wilderness experiences, housing, staff training, mental health, and foundation giving.

Patton served three years on the Board of Directors of the American Evaluation Association and was president in 1988. He was the 1984 recipient of the Alva and Gunner Myrdal Award from the Evaluation Research Society for "outstanding contributions to evaluation use and practice." His 18-year career at the University of Minnesota included five years as Director of the Minnesota Center for Social Research and ten years with the Minnesota Extension Service.