Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders

The 1992 DeHaan Lecture was given by

Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders

Director of the ArkansasDepartment of Health

Opening Remarks by

Dr. Richard M. Levinson

Director of the Division of Behavioral
Science and Health Education

March 2, 1992

Rollins School of Public Health

Dr. Joycelyn Elders is Director of the Arkansas Department of Health, a position she has held since October, 1987. A native of Schaal, Arkansas, Dr. Elders began a distinguished career in medicine after graduating from the Arkansas School of Medicine in 1960. She worked as an intern at the University of Minnesota Hospital and as a pediatrician at the University of Arkansas Medical Center. She became professor of pediatrics at the University of Arkansas Medical School in 1976 and received board certification in pediatric endocrinology in 1978. Based on her studies in children and the treatment of hormone related illnesses, Dr. Elders has published over 138 articles for medical research publications.

Dr. Elders is a member of numerous professional organizations and service organization boards. She has been recognized in 100 Outstanding Women in Arkansas, Distinguished Women in America, and Personalities of the South. Her many awards include the Worthen Bank's Arkansas Professional Women of Distinction Award, the National Governor's Association's Distinguished Service Award, the AMA National Congress on Adolescent Health Award for Outstanding Efforts on Behalf of America's Youth, the National Education Association's Mary Futrell Award for Creative Leadership in Women's Rights, and most recently The National Coalition of 100 Black Women's Candace Award for Health Science.