Student Testimonials

Jonathan Shtaynberger

"The SIBS program was truly an amazing and enriching summer experience. The professors in the biostatistics department are incredibly knowledgeable and presented material in an engaging manner. I enjoyed the opportunity to analyze real-world data and gain experience in reaching conclusions and making presentations. Lastly, SIBS provided me with the opportunity to meet bright and motivated students from around the country and explore the wonderful city of Atlanta. I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in learning more about biostatistics."

"I truly enjoy each facet of my academic and professional life, and I would not be where I am today if I had not participated in SIBS at NCSU in 2004. At the time I knew very little of the field of biostatistics, and had not yet decided on my post-undergraduate trajectory. From the numerous lecturers and field trips at SIBS I was able to grasp the wide applicability of statistics for many diverse areas of research, and this greatly appealed to me. It was because of my pleasant experience in this program that I chose to pursue a career in biostatistics. Furthermore, I am finding that my fellow SIBS participants are now my peers and colleagues as I attend school with them or encounter them at conferences. I even feel a certain level of camaraderie with SIBS participants from other universities as we all share the common bond of what inspired us to become biostatisticians."

Rachel Nethery

Rachel is a junior at Georgetown University, majoring in mathematics and government.

"SIBS was one of the most fun and valuable experiences of my life," she says. "It was a very hands-on introduction to biostatistics, and I know that the advice we were given is going to be extremely useful when applying to Public Health schools. The faculty at Emory were such a joy; they really made the experience unforgettable. It was also a great opportunity to explore a new city. I am still close friends with many of the other SIBS students and have so many fond memories of our six weeks together at Emory. I cannot imagine a better way to have spent my summer!"

Shannon McClintock

Shannon McClintlock

Shannon is a PhD student in our department. In addition, she is working on an NIH study of Buruli ulcer in Ghana, is serving as a statistical consultant to the Centers for Disease Control (Division of Parasitic Diseases), and teaches statistical methods at both Emory and the CDC.

Jeff Switchenko

Jeff participated in SIBS at Boston University in 2005, and is now a PhD student in our department.

"SIBS was a great opportunity to get a taste of biostatistics and meet other students that were interested in the field. I meet a few of my close friends that are now my colleagues. It was also a great opportunity to experience a new city and new college campus. I'd do it again!"

Julia Cleveland

Julia Cleveland

Julia participated in SIBS at the University of Wisconsin in 2005. She earned a Master of Science in Public Health in our department in 2007, and is working with us as a biostatistician. She is a data manager for the NIH Stenting and Aggressive Medical Management for Preventing Recurrent Ischemic Stroke clinical trial, and also teaches introductory statistical methods.

Hillary Superak

Hillary Superak

"SIBS was a great introduction to the principles of biostatistical analysis. The different instructional methods utilized by the program were very effective - not only did I attend lectures, but I also got hands-on experience with a data analysis presentation and programming in R. I particularly enjoyed attending the seminars, where we learned about research being conducted by some of the leading experts in the field of biostatistics. Through SIBS, I had the opportunity to be exposed to a subject that is not offered widely at undergraduate institutions. SIBS was a very worthwhile program, and it convinced me that biostatistics was the field in which I most wanted to continue my post-graduate education."