Annual Mentoring Program

The Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) Mentoring Program is an annual program that matches public health professionals with students to enhance professional development, promote conversation and communication, and increase knowledge of public health as practiced in the community.

2017-2018 RSPH Annual Mentoring Program

The RSPH Annual Mentoring Program provides seasoned professionals in the field of public health a unique opportunity to make a personal contribution to the professional development of RSPH students. This annual program runs between January and December 2019.

With support from a mentor, students will:

  • better understand public health as practiced in the community
  • gain valuable information about professional organizations
  • begin to build a professional network
  • expand career options
  • develop a realistic career plan
  • learn how professionals balance life and career
  • receive suggestions on how to better prepare for professional life

Through discussions, networking events, and other forms of interaction, mentors will have the opportunity to expose students to the skills needed to excel in the professional world.