MentorRollins for Alumni

Dear RSPH Alumni,

The Office of Career Development is pleased to offer a Rollins specific resource to connect with other RSPH public health professionals through our on-line mentoring platform, MentorRollins. As an Alumni of RSPH, you decide the role you would like to take on.

How can I utilize the platform?

  • Connect with other alumni for career advice and insights, while remaining a mentee for as long as desired.
  • Serve as mentors while continuing to explore new ideas and resources for career growth and impact in public health.
  • Give back to RSPH to inspire and connect with fellow alumni.

How to join MentorRollins

  1. To join as a mentee, send a request to to be added to the platform with the following information:
    1. Full name used while a student at Rollins
    2. A email address you can access
    3. Your department while at Rollins
    4. Graduation year.
  2. To join as a mentor, click on the "Join Now" button below to create your mentor profile.

For current mentors who want to switch roles to mentee, you must send a request to

If you have additional questions regarding MentorRollins, please reach out to us at or by phone at 404-727-9957