What is InterviewStream?

InterviewStream is an online practice interview tool. Using a webcam, students are able to similate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practicing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills any time or place at their convenience. Afterwards, interviews can be sent to Career Coaches, professors, mentors, family, and friends to be given feedback.

Students may use their own webcam or use Career Development's in-office webcam by scheduling an appointment.

Students should log in with their Emory email address.

Why You Should Try InterviewStream

Why You Should Try InterviewStream

Length: 55 sec

Get started:

  1. Go to InterviewStream login page.
  2. Click "Forgot your password?".
  3. Enter your Emory email address and click "Send Email".
  4. Check your Emory email account for the password recovery email from InterviewStream.
  5. In the email, click "Reset Password."
  6. Set your password and submit.
  7. On the InterviewStream homepage, click "Conduct an Interview".
  8. Then click "Take Premade Interview".

For Alumni:

For alumni access or account information, please email